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Here are a few suggestions for creating an intense treadmill workout. If you think that a treadmill workout is boring, think again. You can make your treadmill workout as challenging as you would like. But before you begin any exercise program always consult your doctor first to see if you are suitable for intense workout. 5 methods to improve your workout 1) Dumbbells/Hand Weights Try raising and lowering five to ten pound hand weights as you walk.. By the end of a vigorous walk, you will have given your upper and lower body a good treadmill workout. But if you are used to holding on to the side handles during your workout, start out a slow then build speed. 2) Walk Backwards Walking backwards uses your legs muscles in a whole new way and improves your balance and builds your psychomotor abilities, this is something very important for any sports person. Your muscles will be stretched and worked to their max as the focus of the workout shifts to a whole new area of your leg. 3) Speed Intervals For this training always start with a good complete stretch and warm up. For a complete workout, a good set will take about 20 minutes. Start with a run of about 2 minutes for 400 meters then walk or do a slow jog of 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat 5 times to get your 20 minutes. This exercise will build good cardio as well as burn fat. 4) Incline Intervals This is basically similar to the interval training but with incline up and down. With the same steps as basic interval training, now when every time you are walking or jogging slowly, set your interval to the maximum. This is advance training so start off with interval training before attempting this exercise. 5) Toes and Heels Slow down the speed to a brisk walk, and then go on your tiptoes for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat for 10 sets. These exercises will effective work your calves and gluteus. There will be a slight strain for beginners, so it is advice that you start with 5 sets then work your way slowly to 10

sets. Stay in shape with a treadmill exercise program A treadmill exercise program does not require learning any new skill and nor is the weather or boredom able to adversely affect the person in training to stay in shape. A treadmill exercise program is best for people who prefer to exercise in the comforts of their home or for the busy person that has very little time to spare. They can directly jump on to a treadmill to ensure that they get some exercise. The treadmill is superior to other exercise machines used indoors as it is very helpful to losing extra weight and burning calories. In a treadmill exercise program one will be engaged in running which ranges from sprinting, walking, slow to fast jogging, depending on the exercising habit of a person. A note of caution, please consult your doctor before taking on a new training program. There have been cases of people going into cardiac arrest during or after a strenuous workout. The convenience of a treadmill exercise program is such that the person using it can do so at the pace of his or her own choosing as well as maintain a regular walking program. To begin with, the treadmill exercise program may be of only five to ten minutes duration and it may also have a warm up and cool-down period to ensure that no injuries are sustained, as with any other form of physical activity. When on Treadmill, a person is active and breathing fast, due to the fact that the body is in need for more oxygen. This actually helps the body to clear out a lot of toxins from the body. Also during the workout or body is actively engaged in strengthening it self by burning away any unwanted weight. Lastly as our heart rate increases, blood flow is also increased to our limbs and vital organs. While following a treadmill exercise program pay note to a few key points, such as the right footwork, proper walking form (from the waist to get better hip rotation), and arms action (swing your arms as if you are marching). Bear these pointers in mind and pay attention to your safety. Always start slow then build up speed. As with all sort of exercise, get the basics first before moving on to increase the intensity. Give your body time to adapt before subjecting it to more intensity will decrease the chance of injury and improve your results.

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==== ==== Please check out The Best Treadmill Edge for great tips on Treadmill Workouts. ==== ====

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