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Toasted Sandwich Maker All-Clad Panini Maker- Panini Maker _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Makel - There is a right way and a wrong way to make a Panini and very few people can do it right. If you want to be a part of this exclusive club, you should invest yourself into a Panini maker.For less than $100, you could buy yourself a contact and Panini maker from the good people at Villaware. Panini makers that they sell are similar to a waffle iron or other sandwich presses, in the fact that you have a griddle type grill to put the bread on that is closed on sides, top and bottom.

Learn More About Panini Maker Then once the bread has toasted a little, in you want you can start to put your ingredients in. Various deli meats and cheeses will work, so it is entirely up to you. The aluminum housing of your new Panini maker makes the product have a good exterior so that, if you wanted to, you could leave it out on the counter at all times even when guests like friends and family came over. The non stick coating on the

inside makes cleaning the Panini maker easier than cleaning most of your other pots and pans.The floating hinge on the Panini maker can really help whenever you are making food that is three inches thick. How many other Panini makers on the market can say that? And with an 11" by 9" grilling surface, you can make more Panini than ever for the entire family or the entire neighborhood! Be the talk of the town with your new Panini maker as you bring a little taste of Italy to your own home.

And because Panini's have been around for a long time, there are a bevy of recipes that will never keep you bored. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could use your Panini maker to make a different sandwich for every day of the month. The possibilities are endless when you have a Panini maker and an open imagination!

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Panini maker  
Panini maker  

A chicken in every pot and a panini maker in every kitchen. Actually Herbert Hoover ended that famous quote with a car in every garage but I...