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It could be more interesting for some people if the point of the video would be mainly to inform how is the platform useful, instead of teaching how to use it. Students think that one should learn by exploring by himself In some parts of the video, it was visible that the user was doing some typos while typing down some information and, consequently, backspaced the aforementioned. This creates the impression of unprofessionalism

In the third part, the facilitators aimed to get specific input on Pathway platform. After reflecting about where to find opportunities for Virtual Internships, students mentioned what information should be considered when choosing a VI. Therefore, participants were divided in 3 groups to explore different sections of the platform and each group wrote down their ideas on a flip chart. What is the most relevant information to search for:

• description of the position • information about the company • other people’s experiences know if there are other interns currently working in the company

• information regarding whether the company is currently working virtually • working conditions • expectations towards the intern • functions of the intern

• know if the intern has a coach/mentor • technical aspects • connections with employer • future opportunities • required skills

What is the most attractive information to look for when choosing a VI: • • • • • • • • • •

location of the company abstract of the project connection of internship with student field of studies learning points of the internship job content seriousness of company towards the VI salary having contact with companies duration, with specific beginning and ending time possibility for a future job in the company


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BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

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