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Introduction This session was the first one related to the topic on Virtual Mobility, and it was meant to set the participants mind into the general topic of discussion of this Event on Education – Virtual Mobility.

Therefore, with this introductory session, the facilitators wanted to focused on 4 essential keywords: • Internships • Virtual Mobility (VM) • Virtual Internships (VI) • Study Programmes As a result of these 4 key-words 4 main goals were defined as: • • • •

To make participants aware of the topic of Virtual Mobility and its current state in Europe; To standardize the participants’ knowledge of Internships, VM and VI; To gather input about the relationship between the students and the universities on the topic of Internships. To find out the students’ opinions concerning internships within their study programmes


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BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

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