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Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PSTP) stands for innovation and entrepreneurship. PSTP is the best place for finding new solutions in technology and fostering innovative companies as it provides excellent conditions for the development of high technology-based ideas mainly in biotechnology, environment protection, computer science, electronics and telecommunication, and industrial design. PSTP is an ideal for development and cooperation and its main purpose is to concentrate several factors related to companies development. These factors enables transfer between business and technology while creating synergy. PSTP can be described as a place with: • Co-operation of numerous entities - educational centres, research and development centres, business entities, counselling, financial and training institutions • Special organisational, law and financial conditions • Supporting the technology transfer. PSTP provides numerous benefits for entrepreneurs, such as low overheads and convenient conditions for running business • Students and graduates user-friendly backup in starting own business, rise in employment, favourable conditions for development of creativeness and regional community activation, etc.

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BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

BACo Gdansk 2014 Final report  

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