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Everything About Hyderabad In A Nutshell - Best Discounts In Hyderabad ______________________________________________ By Joespe -

There are times when you may want to buy second-hand books in Hyderabad. Not just for the discounted rates, but also in expectation of serendipity. Who knows? You may end up finding a classic that you were always looking for. Sunday book market at Koti is the perfect place for such a discovery. On Sunday, the pavements here are filled with book sellers and their books. All other commercial activity (read: shops are closed) give way to the pleasure of reading and book trading. Learn More About Best Discounts In Hyderabad

Nearly 50 book vendors experiment their providence on this holiday. Besides, what's good is that in spite of being roadside shopping, the experience does not leave you dissatisfied. Simply because, it is devoid of clutter and allows you to breathe easy. At the Sunday book market, opportunities are on your side when it comes to looking for books that may not be easily available elsewhere. This includes novels, academic related, cookery books, comics etc. Even foreign language books are available here. But what makes this market special is its focus on literature books. So if that is what interests you, make your way to Koti on Sundays.

Books are priced here at fairly attractive rates. You may even get 80% discount on some of the finest books. From outside, some books may look worn, but most of them have their stuff well-maintained. You even have the opportunity to sell your old, unwanted books here. You can trade that off for a book you wish to buy. There may be times, when you may get a certain book for a mere Rs. 5!

· Don't judge books by the cover. And we mean it in the literal sense. Scrutinize every book carefully to ensure that the insides are not torn. · If you are searching for any book, give the name of the book to the seller. He might be able to get it for you in the subsequent week. · If you are not satisfied with the price, try to look in other stalls. · Once you enter the market, be patient enough to search through the books. This is not for rush hours. · If you want to sell your old books and get a good deal, don't say yes to the first vendor. Check out what you are being offered from other vendors and settle for the best price.

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Best discounts in hyderabad  

Best discounts in hyderabad

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