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Manufacturing With our manufacturing sector continuing to grow - producing an ever-widening range of products from apparel and electronics to hard drives and light trucks – our production capabilities are meeting the needs of virtually any customer looking for a secure and reliable supply source. Services While we are often known for our hotel and tourism industry excellence, Thailand’s medical services sector is another rising star. We are internationally renowned for providing top level health care for patients from all around the world, offering routine diagnostics, streamlined procedures, cosmetic refreshment, and short or long term care for critically ill patients. Our U.S. certified hospitals, internationally educated doctors and friendly, multilingual staff utilize the latest medical technologies to make treatment in Thailand a safe and costeffective solution for all international clientele. Agriculture and Food Thailand continues to be the world’s largest exporter of jasmine rice – especially our premium Hom Mali and Pathum Thani varieties – we are also one of the world’s premier suppliers of shrimp/seafood, tropical fruits and other food products. As “The World’s Kitchen” Thailand provides high quality Thai food products to the United States, the European Union, and Africa, as well as our neighbors throughout the Pacific region. Thailand has enjoyed unprecedented economic growth in the past decade. We have taken great steps forward in developing our world-class manufacturing and services sectors, while still maintaining firm connections to our agrarian roots. While the Royal Thai Government has fostered countless projects and policies to promote business and investment, we cannot forget Thailand’s most famous nickname – “The Land of Smiles.” Whether you prefer a modern urban nightlife, rustic jungle retreats, or sun-drenched beaches – Thailand’s endless variety caters the best to all voyagers.

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