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The garden of the Danish Ambassador’s residence (photo courtesy - Embassy of Denmark)

Lauritzen, famous also for designing Copenhagen Airport. The embassy’s interior is an eclectic and dynamic mix of the old and the new, which characterizes the historic and yet modern country that is Denmark. The United States has not maintained such long and unbroken diplomatic ties with any other country in the world. An example of the collaboration is the agreement between Denmark and the US during World War II, authorizing the US to defend Greenland from German aggression and thus setting the foundation for the Thule Air Base as well as Denmark’s contributions to the global fight against terrorism. As a European country, Denmark sees the US as a strategic ally in the work for global peace and safety. Denmark currently has 800 soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. In this sense, due to the long-standing good relationship between Denmark and the US, the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC, headed by Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen, has a comfortable job, building on the existing cooperation and understanding in its daily work. Visits from Danish Parliamentarians who come to the US to meet with their American counterparts are thus frequent and have especially been so during the presidential election campaign. The Danish Prime

Minister has likewise met with the American President on a number of occasions in the last seven years. The economic ties between our two countries are extensive, with the US as the largest foreign investor in Denmark and our third largest export market. The embassy’s commercial section, the Danish American Business Council, assists Danish companies aspiring to enter the American market and vice versa. One of the big projects for the embassy now, and until the end of next year, is to promote knowledge about and political will for an American signature on an ambitious climate agreement when Copenhagen hosts the United Nations Climate Conference, COP15, from November 30 to December 11, 2009. The embassy itself has implemented a quota trade system and has become carbon neutral, just as it incorporates sustainable energy solutions in all renovation projects.

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Danish Flag on tour boat (photo by Cees Van Roeden)

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