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The concept of Sustainability has been introduced to combine concern for the well being of the planet with continued growth and human development. Though there is much debate as to what the word actually suggests, we can put forth the definition offered by the World Commission on Environment and Development: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” But it must also expand to embrace the prospects of restorative acts, the hope for an abundant future based on new systems and definitions of design and productivity. by William McDonough Architects Design for Sustainability The Hanover Principles

What is crucial in our communications is the emphasis on creativity. Not just artistic creativity, but intellectual, economic, political and cultural. Renewable energy and sustainable planning has brought us face-to-face with senior policy makers and business leaders from Washington DC to Beijing to discuss renewable technologies, investment and long-range environmental planning, clean energy technologies and policy planning for the protection of our environment. The “International Earth Forum” – hosted by Productions 1000 annually – brings together a mix of

senior level and youth leaders from a wide range of disciplines and nations. The purpose of attending the IEF is to provide a platform for business and youth leadership to have open dialogue and create opportunities to initiate positive change. A key driver is what we call “The New Language of Sustainability” – a process of aligning the economic drivers of business with inventive new energy language, financial language and human connection with what we discover.

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BEST OF DC: Defining Change in American Leadership  
BEST OF DC: Defining Change in American Leadership  

Welcome to the BEST OF DC: ‘Defining Change’ in American Leadership. This Inaugural Edition is the very first interactive publication of its...