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T-Rx, LLC was created by former military officers with in-depth experience in intelligence operations and analysis, counter-insurgency, espionage, covert and clandestine operations, counter-narcotics, international finance, avionics, combat and support flight operations, logistics, and training in all intelligence disciplines. The CEO formed T-Rx with the vision of using his expertise to help improve national security. He conceived the company product line and designed the functional requirements for the software, based on his 25+ years experience in tactical and strategic intelligence. He was assigned with the CIA, DIA, State Department, and the Army. He formed and commanded several specialized intelligence units and was the Department of Defense HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Program Operations Officer during its formative years. As Regional Intelligence Advisor in Northeast Thailand, his operations penetrated and annihilated the insurgency in less than a year; he later designed the counter-terrorist plan for the World Energy Conference at Cannes which hosted oil executives and diplomats from 35 countries. He held every HUMINT position and staff intelligence position in the military, and was recognized by the Director of Central Intelligence for both his analyses and operations. The Chief Operating Officer is a former United States Air Force (USAF) Strategic Air Command intelligence officer. As a senior executive with the Bank of America’s International Division, he restructured at-risk overseas banks, and developed and managed their international IT division; he later was the CFO of a global financial services corporation. The Chief Technical Officer, a USAF F4 combat pilot with multiple engineering degrees, designed Titan missile guidance systems and worked on the U2, SR-71, and the original Stealth projects. He designed sophisticated software and interactive web systems for the Army Intelligence and Security Command. The International Operations Manager was a security specialist with the Southern European Task Force (SETAF), responsible for responding / retaliating / rescuing anyone/anywhere/anytime by forming/ deploying/ employing a combined rapid reaction team to achieve full spectrum dominance across a broad range of tactical operations. His tactical background later transitioned to numerous technical roles, including Information Systems Security Officer with Department of Defense. The Research Director previously designed and coordinated marketing programs and advertising campaigns for international media conglomerates in emerging markets and developing countries; these extensive socio-political demographic studies serve as valuable tools in creating comprehensive databases on terrorist and insurgent organizations and their capabilities. The goal of this extraordinary team is to bring together their exceptional levels of expertise to support the Homeland Security effort with the most efficient and effective intelligence tools for optimum use at all levels helping to preserve and protect America’s freedom.

Tracking Threat Indicators through a Debriefing Session (photo courtesy of US Army)

Developing a Predictive Pattern and Trend Analysis using T-Rx Indicator Sets and Software (graphics courtesy - T-Rx, LLC)

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Advising Village Leaders on How to Report Insurgent Movements (photo courtesy of US Army)


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