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Congolese orphans receive toys through The Toy Bank, a partnership of Gifts In Kind International and the Toy Industry Foundation

A young boy celebrates the new toy he received through one of Gifts In Kind’s programs in Washington, D.C.


or 25 years Gifts In Kind International has led the way in encouraging corporations and retailers to donate their products to help improve the lives of children, the ill and people in need.

Based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Gifts In Kind International helps to enhance, empower and restore communities and people in need by providing local charities with new products that help them boost efficiency and strengthen their impact. In 2006 alone Gifts In Kind provided new products valued at almost $900 million to more than 150,000 charitable organizations around the world, including hundreds in the D.C. area. The nonprofit works closely with each of its corporate donors to develop product donation programs that are integral to helping the disadvantaged take responsibility for their own lives. Whether it is providing books and school supplies to Title 1 schools, giving teachers access to the latest technology, providing blankets and clothing to the homeless and others who are struggling to put food on the table, or simply donating a suit to a young

man who is ready to change his life and enter the workplace for the first time, these products empower community nonprofit organizations to create the effective programs that allow people to change their lives for the better. This year Gifts In Kind International unveiled a real-time reporting tool for nonprofits that allows them to present their mission and needs and to more effectively evaluate the impact of their programs. Again, Gifts In Kind International is at the forefront, promoting accountability and transparency among community nonprofits and establishing their credibility among donors. Tools for the Corporate World Gifts In Kind International depends on its corporate partners to achieve its mission of empowering nonprofits and helping people. The organization offers corporate donors a unique way to achieve many of their business goals, while at the same time helping to make the world a better place. Gifts In Kind offers its vast experience in product philanthropy to companies at no cost, helping them create specialized

Office Depot works with Gifts In Kind to donate office supplies to charities around the country, allowing them to spend money on the vital programs they provide to the community.

product donation programs that provide a wide range of benefits such as tax breaks, inventory solutions, waste reduction, brand enhancement, building a positive image of the company, getting employees engaged and much, much more. Product giving is a powerful tool to help people in need and fulfill a company’s mission to become socially responsible. While Gifts In KindŽ programs offer a wide range of obvious benefits for corporations, the bottom line is that product donations help to put smiles on the faces of children, empower parents and teachers, help the low-income provide for their children and give people in need a chance to improve their lives and help themselves. As the eighth largest charity in the United States, Gifts In Kind International will continue to work with corporate partners to strengthen communities and empower people, because engaging responsible corporations is key to making the world a better place in which to live for all people.

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