Best of Central Vermont - Fall 2016

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tricks of the trade | by mark aiken

Cold Hollow Cider Mill Doing business the Vermont way

Vermont is a small state with a huge personality. Cold Hollow Cider Mill reflects its state; locally owned, the company’s success has come by doing things its own way—with good humor, hard work, and conscientious business decisions.


ake Erdine, Mac, and Ethan, for example. Erdine (“Sugar Sweet. Farm Tough. Can bake. Can rake”), Mac (“Knows everything. Fixes anything”), and Ethan (“Owns a tractor, rides a Harley. A real VER-mont-A, as the locals say”) are playful caricatures called “Hollowers” dreamed up by co-owner Gayle Brown

and drawn by Waterbury artist Sarah-Lee Terrat. Visitors will see them as they browse through the shop with word bubbles inviting them to try a free sample or to check out an attraction. Are the Hollowers real people? “They’re based on real people; sometimes they’re a combination of people,” says 51