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The chicken came first It was rustic and not winterized, with unpainted, exposed wall studs; a tiny kitchen, apart from the rest of the house; and its original windows. A classic yellow cottage beautifully situated on Lake Champlain, it was the place an expat family returned to each summer to reconnect with friends and enjoy a slower pace. Recently, the owners hired architects Selin & Selin and Birdseye Building Company to overhaul the structure and reorganize the interior spaces. The couple retained Michelle Holland Interiors to help make it feel like home. Michelle, who operates two antique shops, Patina in Shelburne Village and Nantucket House on Nantucket in Massachusetts, immediately grasped her clients’ vision. Together, they set out to design an authentic “campy� interior that would be relaxed, cheerful, Grass-green accents, a farm animal motif, and a whimsical boat fixture bring the outside in and welcome visitors to a Vermont-made dining table in this cheerful camp.

and spiced with the character of a family that had lived all over the world.

Spring 2015

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Vermont Trend Watch - 2015  
Vermont Trend Watch - 2015  

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