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breweries and ski areas. Stowe, Killington, Mount Snow, and Mad River all stage beersampling events. You can find a summary of events at the website, which posts the latest news from area brewers. Vermont brewers have been very active in the news of late. The Alchemist of Heady Topper fame (named the nation’s best beer) has announced plans for a second brewery. Tiny Lawson’s Liquids in Waitsfield raised over $10,000 for charity in their annual sampling event. A movement is under way to form a cooperative brewery in breweryrich and cooperative-crazy Burlington. Learn about the Burlington Cooperative BrewPub Project by checking BTVBEERCOOP on their Facebook page. If you are too lazy to get up and actually go to a brewery or a festival, you can always use your mobile device to check out sites where other beer drinkers rate and describe their beers. The aforementioned Heady Topper, for example, has been rated by more than 6,000 beer drinkers and reviewed by more than 1,000 on the website. You are welcome to record your own thoughts, but it might be difficult to find something new to say. Whether you like your beer in cans, bottles, on draught, in 64-ounce growlers, or 32-ounce growlettes, it promises to be an exciting summer for adventurous beer drinkers. Here a few local brews not to be missed. Don’t worry—this is just the tip of the iceberg. Elder Betty (Magic Hat): A Weiss-style ale with bready malt flavor balanced by a touch of hops and complemented by the tart berry flavors of elderberry. 2nd Fiddle (Fiddlehead): Just another delicious Double IPA. Big aroma. Lots of hops. Citrusy, smooth, and juicy. Saison de Cassis (Bobcat Café, Bristol): This Belgian farmhousestyle is brewed with barley from Belgium, hops from the US and Germany, and yeast cultivated 86

from a difficult-to-obtain Belgian yeast. The resulting fermentation delivers a crisp and very dry beer with esters/aromas of earthiness and fruitiness. However, the standout flavor is attributed to Vermont-grown black currants that offer a subtle tart finish. Slow-Fermented Brown Ale (Switchback): This is a beautiful, chestnut-brown beer. It is fermented at an unusually cool temperature, which slows down fermentation. These conditions stress the yeast, resulting in a slow and methodical fermentation in which the resultant flavors are clean, somewhat like a lager, with the added characteristic of

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