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beer prior to fermentation. After the yeast works its magic, these sugars are partially converted to alcohol. Those that are not give the beer body and flavor. Finally, “IBU” is the acronym for “International Bittering Units,” the flavoring contributed by the hops. Be forewarned—today’s craft brewers really love their hops, so be prepared for more bitterness than you’d get with a scorned lover.

Brews in the News Vermont now boasts at least 29 craft brewers, with another half dozen under development. That’s the number participating in the Passport program of the Vermont Brewers Association ( Almost all these enterprises make multiple beer types, including seasonal specialties, and many have facilities that welcome visitors. Before setting off on a beer-drinking odyssey, however, check with the individual brewers. At least one company (The Alchemist) had to discontinue retail operations because their popularity with visitors was interfering with their ability to make enough beer to satisfy the market. There are a number of beer-sampling events that facilitate tasting a variety of exotic concoctions. The beers are often served by brewery representatives, so the samples are fresh and served at the proper temperature by people who can answer your questions. One of the biggest events is the Vermont Brewers Festival, held on the Burlington Waterfront July 18 and 19. But there are plenty of others put on by individual

Summer 2014 / Best of Burlington


Best of Burlington - Summer 2014  

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