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In addition to bras, Aristelle offers sleepwear, bridal, maternity, and swimwear.

To learn her trade, Andrea spent a week of 12-hour days at Le Boudoir and took courses in New York and London given by bra manufacturers. “I could teach you in an hour how to do a general fitting, but it takes heavy brand knowledge to know where a bra doesn’t fit and what the solution is. We get constant training from the brands. We also try the products on to see how they fit.” Andrea sees it as part of her mission to educate her customers as well. “I want every single person who comes here to know what it means when we say ‘the band is too 74

loose,’” she says, and she checks in with her staff to make sure they are “doing the educating part.” New staff train for three to four weeks before they are ready to do fittings on their own. “We emphasize being honest,” Andrea continues. “I don’t want people to leave with a bra that doesn’t fit. But a properly fitting bra may feel snug in the band at first. If it feels too tight, and you’re not going to wear it, why buy it? We’ll try something a size larger, so they can get used to the feeling.” Her aim is for the customer to say a bra is the most comfortable they’ve ever tried. “That’s what I love to hear!”

Feeling Comfortable and Confident Aristelle welcomes shoppers with many preferences. However, Andrea says, “While we have gorgeous sexy lingerie, we sell a lot of basic, everyday bras. And our focus is on making the woman feel confident in her body, regardless of whether she wants to share her new purchase with someone else or not. We carry socks, stockings, and some nursing supplies, but that’s about it for accessories.”

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