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Heather Stewart, ferry captain and operations manager for the ferries. To this end, LCT employs engineers, welders, woodworkers, painters, and every other kind of tradesmen and women needed to maintain vessels of this kind.

On the Job Lake Champlain Transportation employs 100 year-round employees and adds 145 seasonal workers in the summer. Captain Barrows originally worked for the ferries as a deckhand; hoping to instill a little independence in her kids, she looked forward to a job where she couldn’t be reached for periods of time (this, of course, before cell phones became widespread). “Within my first week, I wanted to be a captain,” she says. Today, of the 31 captains, just five are women. But this did not deter Lee Ann; she approached a captain that first week and asked how one goes about getting licensed. “The captain was very matter-of-fact,” she says. It was Heather Stewart. She began pursuing her goal immediately. First she logged hours on the boats in accordance with Coast Guard mandates. Then she studied for a year before taking a nautical course in Portland, Maine’s Casco Bay, at the end of which she took a test, emerging with her license as a 100-ton inland master. Her journey, however, was only half done; remember, LCT is an organization that approaches all matters—especially big ones like training and safety—in house. 4 Summer 2014 / Best of Burlington


Best of Burlington - Summer 2014  
Best of Burlington - Summer 2014  

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