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Sowing the Healing Word of God With

Jeanne Pearce and Snow Bacon

About Us Jeanne Pearce and Snow Bacon share a long-standing friendship and a shared commitment to their faith. Snow’s faith began in an appreciation of and identity with Abraham’s faith, which perhaps explains her passionate love of Israel and the Jewish people. She was inspired to discover “a living God” through the writing of Agnes Sanford. Snow received education at two different seminaries (Presbyterian and Episcopal). She also studied at Jung Institute for one year. Her goal was never ordination, but primarily pastoral counseling with special interest in the church’s healing ministry. Jeanne’s career has been in the field of Speech Pathology which proved to be a very rewarding experience (but which pales in comparison to the rewards of ministry!). As a speech therapist she developed an innovative program that helped children improve their speech and language skills using personalized songs she wrote and used other fun approaches. She has never married but proudly claims her 13 nieces and nephews and their children as well as hundred of students. Jeanne’s faith came alive in the 70s when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and had a vision of Jesus. Together Jeanne and Snow have sown into many lives. Promise Unlimited was incorporated as a ministry in 1996. The launch of the access television program by that name was in January of 2005. A precious friend, Rebecca Sutter, has joined the ministry as a third member of the board. Rebecca is a dedicated intercessor who speaks wise and godly counsel in the lives of many, clergy included, throughout the country. She has for over forty years served as a nursing leader in practice, education, consultation and administration. She has always had a deep faith and calling. Even though she is now retired, she remains active in health ministry. Besides Rebecca, the ministry is blessed to have a number of godly intercessors. One of those intercessors, Laura Thompson, also serves the ministry in a beautiful way by filming the programs for access television.

This Is What They Say About Promise Unlimited Our ministry is about “Sowing the Healing Word of God”. It takes a variety of forms. The most visible part of our ministry is through broadcasts created for access television. Some are teaching programs where we talk about our two favorite topics – the ministry of healing and our love and support for Israel and the Jewish people. We are particularly interested in helping Christians understand and appreciate the Jewish roots of our faith. We also have focused some programs on prayer for the media and Hollywood Prayer Network. Most of the programs are interviews where we talk with guests who are movers and shakers for the Kingdom of God and whose faith is alive and real. Through these programs we feel we are able to bring “A View From a Different Dimension”. We have made many of these programs available on this website. We have been privileged to host a number of exciting and wonderful guests. Some are people with well-recognized international ministries. Several of our guests reside in Israel and minister there. A variety of other godly voices have shared about their own ministries and/or have blessed us with their personal testimony. Even as a fairly young ministry on television, Promise Unlimited has established a footprint in at least five or six countries around the world. In addition, the access station (ChannelAustin) is now streaming its programs world-wide. At some point, we plan to share the unique story of how we, as very “behind the scenes people” came to be on television and how we were the most surprised of all. The name “Promise Unlimited” reflects much of our basic belief system. The name “Promise” encompasses the totality of all the many, many promises found in scripture which form the basis of our faith, as well as what the scriptures say concerning “the Promise of the Father” and “the Holy Spirit of promise”. By using the name “Unlimited”, our desire is to reflect a God Whose nature and goodness and power and promise is truly without limits that man is prone to impose. Scripture tells us in Ps.78: 40-41 that God is grieved by those who “limit the Holy one of Israel”. Our prayer is that all that we do will move toward the goal of taking off man-made limits and allowing God to be revealed As He Is. Our prayer: Father, we come before You in praise, adoration and worship. Your awesome works, Your glory, Your goodness, Your mercy – all that You are is more than our minds can embrace. Yet our hearts yearn to know You ever more fully and to experience Your Presence and Your Glory – that we may be changed forever. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for choosing to live within our spirits that we can be “children of God led by the Spirit of God”. We fall so far short in allowing our lives to be Spirit-led, but we are grateful that You are always there to guide us when we are willing to yield and hear. In Your mercy and grace, take us to a higher place in You. Empower us to move into a life of true obedience and yieldedness. Help us to become more like You in all that we do and say. Help us to love like You love. And may we never “limit the Holy One of Israel”.

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About Promise Unlimited

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