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Why Twin gear juicer is the best juicer? Americans are certainly not best when seen from health perspective. Figures tell that there are about 70 million of obese people in US. This is certainly not a small number. Figures also state that out of every 10 Americans, 1 American is diabetic. Losing weight is a normal concern among Americans. To remain fit you need to have proper diet. A well balanced diet and a little exercise daily are keys to best health. A well balanced diet usually includes a glass of juice. But do you guys know nutrients inside juice also depends upon type of juicer. You might be surprised. But this is true. Twin gear juicers make juices with max nutrients. In fact it is proved by cdc and many other major health organizations. It was found that juice made by a twin gear juicer has more nutrients when compared with juice made by a single gear masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicer. From tests it was found that twin gear juicer juice had maximum amount of minerals (iron, magnesium) etc, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Least amount of nutrients was found in centrifugal juicer juice. Same quality and quantity of produce was taken for testing purpose. Now let us discuss what makes a twin gear juicer so much effective. The secret behind this lies in its juicing technique. Its juicing technique is different from juicing technique of a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juicers use high speed and cutting action

to liberate juice on the other hand a twin gear juicer uses masticating action. High pressure squeezes stuff to squeeze out juices. Although a single gear masticating juicer and twin gear juicer has same operating principle but twin gear juicers, dual gears make them more effective. Due to these dual gears a little extra pressure is created and hence more pigments and nutrients are released into juices.

Why Twin gear juicer is the best juicer?  

Twin gear juicers are the best juicers from health perspective. Juices made by a twin gear juicer are nutrient rich and they also give highe...

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