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Enhance Your Running Experience with iPhone Running Apps Are you dying to become a good runner? If yes, then the present day world of technology can help you in the best possible manner. In the early days, there weren’t any innovative technological products in order enhance the overall racing as well as the training experience. Similar to the olden days, when new stuff like any training equipment and clothing was considered as big news, these days the importance has shifted towards the software market, particularly applications. Apps are making waves in the present day world and are driving the Smartphone owners crazy. IPhone owners can find some of the best iPhone running apps and training guides online, capable of taking your training level to a whole new level. Here are some popular iPhone running apps at that will grab the attention of almost every racing enthusiast. 1. Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway Jeff Galloway is a well-known Olympian who competed in the 1972 Olympics and has coached a good number of years for over 30 years. His sheer popular app, Easy 5K, is a quite helpful for the newbie’s as well as seasoned runners. It is more of a 7 week intensive training program. You will be getting a beatsync technology in this app that matches the music tempo with the pace of your running. 2. Lose It! Running and losing your gut are quite interrelated. This combination can be found in the Lose It app. This is one of the iPhone running appsplans your daily running routine and suggests the best daily calorie intake as per your running and nutritional data feed. 3. Zombies, Run! If there is a thing that one can learn from a horror movie is that no one can run faster than the one who is being chased by a zombie. This GPS powered app creates an imaginary zombie threat for you and makes you run for your life on a guided path.

So, these are some quite popular iPhone running apps for the running enthusiasts. For more details kindly visit

Enhance Your Running Experience with iPhone Running Apps