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Police Testing Tips To Jumpstart Your Law Enforcement Career - Common Entrance Test _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Dermot - The police written test will vary throughout the country. Some police agencies rent the written test from companies like Stanard & Associates that specialize in the police entrance test, while other agencies have written tests provided to them by state run organizations such as POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training). Still, countless municipalities with smaller budgets write their own. In the days and weeks prior to taking the written test it is imperative to study. This is one phase of the process that you will have the opportunity to prepare, so don't cut yourself short. A little preparation will help you excel over your competition. Learn More About Common Entrance Test The police written test can comprise of true/ false, essay, fill in the blank...but the most popular type of written exam used by police departments today is the multiple choice test. The reasons are straightforward. It is the simply the most objective test to measure a candidates ability to perform the tasks of a police officer. In addition:

1. Find out what's on the test. Visit the police department website you applied to for the basic components of the written test. Common areas that are tested include: judgment and problem solving, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, memorization, mathematics and reading comprehension. If the website tells you that you will be taking a civil service exam, and that's it, then it is not inappropriate to call human resources or the recruitment section in larger department's and politely ask what components will be on the test. You will find in most cases that you will be provided with this information.

2. Establish a study program. Study each component separately. If the components given to you were math, reading comprehension, and writing and grammar then start with your weakest area first. You can find most of the information needed to tweak your knowledge on the Internet. For example, if you consider yourself weak in math you can go to Google and enter the word math. You will find a great site called Here you can brush up on basic math. You can do this with any subject.3. Take practice police tests. This can reduce your anxiety and improve your test taking strategies.

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Common entrance test  
Common entrance test  

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