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Hearing Loss Choices Communication Tools For Assistance - Aural Rehabilitation _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Marcus - Due to the large numbers of people all over the world afflicted with ear problems resulting in hearing difficulty or loss, technological experts have developed some communication tools for assistance. These gadgets may be applicable to other tools as well like telephones, cellular phones and many others with the aim of helping patients cope with their condition. Individuals suffering from hearing difficulty or loss due to ear problems and other underlying diseases may try a variety of approaches like learning sign language, writing notes when communicating, undergoing therapy to understand audible sounds and speech, medications or surgery. All these may help reduce or totally eliminate the problem. The rise of technological devices like hearing aids has also been very helpful during the coping process. Learn More About Aural Rehabilitation Millions of people are relying on hi-tech gadgets to improve their hearing. Some communication devices have also been improved to specifically cater to aurally incapacitated individuals such as assistive listening devices (ALDs). The tool recommended for patients may depend on several factors like severity of the disease or condition causing


Telephone communication can be significantly improved for people with hearing loss in four ways. The first and most basic method would be to ensure that the volume is loud enough for the patient to hear and understand. Increasing the volume and adjusting the frequency can be done to boost voice clarity. There are volume-enhancing tools that can easily be fitted on a standard telephone. The second method uses amplification technology wherein a gadget is attached to the telephone providing amplification options for the patient to improve hearing.

The third method uses T-coil technology wherein a T-coil ready hearing aid is paired with a compatible telephone resulting to clearer incoming voice. The fourth and final method is to use a teletypewriter or TTY or TDD that stands for telecommunications device for the deaf

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Aural rehabilitation  

Information on reimbursement related to audiologic/aural rehabilitation (AR) for both audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

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