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Yohimbe Extract: A Complete Body Nourishing Power Herb

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree grown is West African countries like Zaire, Cameroon and Gabon. The bark of this tree is extracted which is popularly known as Yohimbine extract, and is used as an herbal cure for various ailments. This precious extract is available world-wide as a dietary supplement and can be bought without a prescription. The primary usage of this herb extract is as a remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED). It primarily increases the blood flow and regulates the nerve impulses. Many modern pharmaceuticals are using this herb in their medicines designed for both men and women’s health, but major focus is on men’s impotence. Other than the basic usage of Yohimbine extract for ED, it is also used for many other purposes. It acts as an agent to lower the risk of heart attacks and regulates the blood pressure level. Furthermore, the extract has been used as a stimulant and as useful method to treat depression and fatigue. Latest researchers have found that this extract can help in weight and fat loss from the body. Verostomia is a condition where a person suffers dry mouth; the extract also treats this disease. Anciently, in Africa, this extract was used by body builders and athletes to enhance their performance. Other ailments thought to be cured from the usage of this extract are muscle weaknesses, osteoarthritis, liver and kidney function problems, mood swings, numbness of nerves, blood circulation issues towards hands and feet. The extract is being used widely in USA in the manufacturing of various drugs. So, its usage in natural form can yield many health benefits. However, it is best to use it after approval from a doctor or nutritionist, as unsupervised usage of the herb can cause health risks. People who take this herb have claimed to have diarrhea and sleep problems. Females who are pregnant and breast feeding should avoid its usage. This is very powerful herb and should be used with caution as a very high dosage can result in serious problems like difficulty in breathing, low blood pressure, etc. It is a wild herb grown in Africa so some reports show that its suitability needs to be tested before regular usage, hence it is advised that before proper starting of this herb, it be tested orally or being applied on the specific area for a short span of time to observe any after effects.

About Stanford Chemicals: Stanford Chemicals is a worldwide supplier of phytochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, catalysts, lab equipment and a variety of special fine chemical products since 1994. To meet increasing demands for herbal extracts in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Stanford Chemicals is established and now carries hundreds kinds of herbal extracts, including botanical ingredients and standard herbal extracts.

Yohimbe extract a complete body nourishing power herb  

Other than the basic usage of Yohimbine extract for ED, it is also used for many other purposes.

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