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The Painless and Portable Face Lift Device Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a chemical naturally present in the body having an essential role for the overall skin functioning and appearance. To a great extent it determines the way your skin looks, feels, and functions. It works in various ways – as an important constituent of tissues and organs, or as an active substance involved in the regulation of a wide spectrum of biochemical and physiological processes. Its ability to connect with water and keep it contributes to the ideal hydration in the skin, increasing tissue volume and density. HA participates in the transport of nutrients to skin cells and stimulates the natural production of collagen. Over the last years, Hyaluronic Acid has been widely used in a constantly increasing number of formulations and applications to facilitate its maximum utility and beneficial effects. We may start with the FDA approved knee application for osteoarthritis, continue with its application in eye-related and cosmetic surgery. The list goes on with its uses in various fillers, creams, and pills. It is used through injections for face-lifting procedures. However, there is also a painless, non-injection skin application rapidly gaining supporter via topically applied formulations such as serums, emulsions, and lotions. The HA infuses quickly, and act by hydration of the skin from the inside out, almost instantly to smooth out wrinkles, healing wounds, burns, and lesions. Some of those serums are “timereleased� topical dermal fillers that act on the skin continuously. The positive long-term effects are provided by the gradual strengthening of the skins connective tissues. The new injection-free products may be able to offer a good alternative, or be a powerful and reinforcing complement, to rapidly improving our skin appearance procedures, such as surgery and injections with HA. As a natural for the body compound, Hyaluronic Acid in those formulations works in harmony with your body's biochemical processes. It is completely hypoallergenic and effectively plumps and tightens the skin. Moreover, it provides reliable protection from free radical damage and can be used anytime, anywhere. In such a painless and convenient way we could be able to benefit from all the long-lasting anti-aging, revitalizing, and healing effects of Hyaluronic Acid.

The painless and portable face lift device