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The Medicinal Benefits of Using Black Pepper Extracts Both black and white pepper are extracts of the piper nigrum plant. Black pepper is made by grinding the whole unripe fruit. Black pepper is used by many people and the good thing is that it can be used on almost any food as a flavoring agent. Uses Black pepper extracts can be used on stomach upsets, cancer and in some cases, bronchiolitis. It can also be applied directly to the skin for treatment of scabies and neuralgia - a condition known to cause nerve pain. Many people use black pepper when they have stomach problems. Usually, the extracts are used to kill the microbes and improve the flow of digestive juices in the stomach. Black pepper extracts are also used in treatment of cold and flu. The extracts have antibacterial properties that act as a remedy for conditions related to the respiratory tract. It is also good in improving dental health. The extracts play a significant role in fighting tooth decay and pain. As a matter of fact, it has been used for many years for this condition. Black pepper is also an antidepressant and also stimulates the nervous system. Advantages of using black pepper Black pepper is available in almost all supermarkets and shops. This is so because many people understand its health benefits and even food processing companies are using it. Another thing is that it can be found in many forms. You can find it as a powder, in oil or liquid form or a solid. When you use black pepper, you are also saying goodbye to wrinkles. It has anti-oxidant properties that prevent your skin from aging. It also reduces dandruff and revitalizes your hair. Disadvantages One of the major side effects is the burning aftertaste. When black pepper is taken in large amounts, it can enter the lungs and cause death. Black pepper is not good when used on children`s skin. It may cause burning and redness on the skin and eyes. Recent discoveries Black pepper increases the bioavailability a constituent of scotch broom known as sparteine. Black pepper extracts are used by many people and they are becoming even more popular as more people continue to learn about their health benefits.

About Stanford Chemicals: Stanford Chemicals is a worldwide supplier of phytochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, catalysts, lab equipment and a variety of special fine chemical products since 1994. To meet increasing demands for herbal extracts in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Stanford Chemicals is established and now carries hundreds kinds of herbal extracts, including botanical ingredients and standard herbal extracts.

The medicinal benefits of using black pepper extracts