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Sirolimus: A must-take dangerous medicine after kidney transplant The most common risk one is likely to suffer from after having a kidney transplant is the body rejecting the new kidney. Your body may not work well with the new kidney. Although maximum precautions are taken when choosing the donor kidney, but acute rejection, if not chronic rejection, is possible. This is why, after surgery, doctors prescribe some medicines to take for lifetime. One of those medicines, like sirolimus, belongs to a group named immunosuppressant. It is to help the body to adjust with the new kidney, but it weakens the immunity system increasing the chances of common infections. Sirolimus may be a must-take medicine, but its side effects make some doctors hesitant in prescribing it. Sirolimus is taken by mouth either in a syrup form or as a tablet. Due to its severe side effects, the dose must be taken exactly as prescribed. The action of sirolimus in body is evaluated after a set time interval, which is usually around 2 weeks, and the dose is adjusted accordingly. So, it is important that you consult an experienced doctor before taking this medicine. Some of the common side effects caused at initial stages include diarrhea, digestion problems, joint pains, lack of sleep and dizziness. However, these symptoms must be monitored strictly and any extended period of illness or increase in these symptoms should be treated seriously. Apart from these, some skin problems like rashes and itching are also possible. Furthermore, careless intake of sirolimus increases the risk of cancer. This medicine is not recommended for anyone who is already suffering from any diseases like cancer and cardiovascular problems. The above described side effects of sirolimus definitely make it a very dangerous medicine to take. However, the function it performs in helping body to accept the new kidney is also very important after the surgery. So, regarding that, you must first discuss in detail with your doctor before taking sirolimus. As you must get your health conditions while taking it under supervision, it is must that you coordinate with your doctor for any likely emergency treatments. You must be responsible for keeping track of your regular appointments and prescriptions. Make sure that there is a person with you all the time to look after you. Take special care of any diet plans or exercises your doctor has recommended and report immediately if you experience any side effects. These precautions will help you remain on safe side while taking sirolimus.

About Stanford Chemicals: Stanford Chemicals is a worldwide supplier of phytochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, catalysts, lab equipment and a variety of special fine chemical products since 1994. To meet increasing demands for herbal extracts in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Stanford Chemicals is established and now carries hundreds kinds of herbal extracts, including botanical ingredients and standard herbal extracts.

Sirolimus a must take dangerous medicine after kidney transplant  

Sirolimus may be a must-take medicine, but its side effects make some doctors hesitant in prescribing it.

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