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Multiple Ailments And One Solution – Danshen Extract

Danshen, which is also popularly known as the Chinese Sage, belongs to the list of perennial plants and it is mostly used in the manufacturing of ancient Chinese medicines. The root of the plant is used for treating various ailments with very little or no side effects. The pure extract which we derived from natural roots acts majorly as a blood thinning agent, which helps to prevent blood and platelet clots. The researches conducted so far, show that Danshen has properties which are helpful for the treatment of angina problems, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. The active ingredients in Danshen are quite similar to ginger, cinnamon and some other very expensive spices. People who suffer from chronic kidney diseases are thought to observe better health by the usage of Danshen. Chronic hepatitis can be treated by its usage as it increases blood flow in the liver, hence flushing out toxins from the liver. A good news for diabetics is that by the usage of Danshen, the kidney is protected which otherwise is often damaged due to diabetes. Chinese use Danshen for treatment of hyper inflammation of the pancreas, which is a painful and a dangerous condition. The benefits of this herb are not just limited to medical science, but the beauty industry is also benefiting from it. Its usage can help control skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Furthermore, recently it has been used by patients who suffer from sleeplessness. This powerful herb is also thought to be a cure for asthmatic bronchitis, burn healing, prostate issues, dialysis, high cholesterol, strokes and ear related problems like ringing in ears. An additional benefit of Danshen uncovered a short while ago was related to weight loss, if an appropriate quantity of the herb is taken so it can help in weight loss too. Weight loss is seen due to loss of appetite by the consumers of Danshen, which is also thought off as a possible side effect of this herb. Some other side effects might be itching and diarrhea. The dosage of this herb is not defined but should be taken in accordance with the purpose of usage and also after discussion with a registered medical practitioner. The extract is in the purest form and reaps maximum benefits if used properly.

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Multiple ailments and one solution – danshen extract  
Multiple ailments and one solution – danshen extract  

The root of the plant is used for treating various ailments with very little or no side effects. The pure extract which we derived from natu...