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Health Benefits of Vine Tea Extracts

Vine tea is also referred to as dragon boat tea, and it has been used for many years. Research has been going on about the health benefits of vine tea and it has actually been found that vine tea can relieve inflammation, colds, and acts as an antibacterial. The tea is also known to have antioxidants which reduce aging. This basically works by reducing the number of free radicals that results in aging of cell`s DNA. It also reduces tissue necrosis of the liver and deformation. According to a research conducted, it was found that vine tea had lots of benefits to the liver. For example, it has the ability to prevent deterioration of liver cells, reduces alcohol poisoning and basically reducing incidences of liver cancer. More research is being done on the ability of vine tea to treat cancers like leukemia and sickle cell. However, it’s widely used by Chinese and other cultures in promotion of blood circulation in the body, reducing blood pressure and dumbness. The vine tea has been of interest to many cultures around the globe and with more research now being done, there is no doubt that vine tea will be the product for your daily use. A large number of people around the world take vine tea because of it antiinflammatory properties. The tea is particularly important if you have sensitive skin after exposure to an agent. Every time you feel your skin is getting itchy or it has blisters that result from inflammation, just take a cup of vine tea and you will be fine. Many companies provide vine tea in the form of tea bags and it`s advisable that you do no dip the tea bag in hot water for too long. It has been proven that too much heat makes the tea lose its antioxidant properties. You can also look for a supplement if you do not like the taste of the green tea. Dies it have any disadvantages? Stanford Chemicals

Pregnant women are not advised to take vine tea as it may lead to complications or even miscarriage. You also not advised to take the tea if you have any bleeding or blood disorders as it slows blood clotting. The fact that vine tea also lowers blood pressure, it may interfere with cardiovascular treatments. It also affects blood sugar levels and that means that diabetic patients are not supposed to take the tea.

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Health benefits of vine tea extracts  

The vine tea has been of interest to many cultures around the globe and with more research now being done, there is no doubt that vine tea w...