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Asiaticoside for Wound Healing and Anti-Aging

Asiaticoside is a chemical compound (triterpene glycoside), the main saponin constituent extracted from the plant Centella asiatica, a plant largely used for centuries in the Indian Ayurvedic system of traditional medicine. A wide range of medicinal uses and reported pharmacological properties have been attributed to the substance – treating dermatitis, diabetes, cough, cataract, hypertension, leprosy. It is said to improve memory and have an antiulcer activity. The chemical is also found to be active against the herpes simplex virus and mycobacterium tuberculosis. Asiaticoside has been known for a long time to possess a very potent wound healing activity due to the increased antioxidants levels and collagen formation at the wound. Prolonged or incomplete wound healing, especially in patients with diabetes, immunocompromised conditions, ischaemia and conditions like malnourishment, aging, local infection, local tissue damage due to burn, can all lead to serious complications. Wounds cause discomfort and are prone to further secondary infections, necrosis and can, in some cases, even be the initial cause of amputation. In several studies on normal and diabetic patients, wounds epithelisation is shown to be remarkably better after the topical application of asiaticoside or its oral administration. This is reported to be the result of stimulation of collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis. Moreover, asiaticoside reinforce the bio-mechanic properties and facilitates the reconstruction of skin layers. It improves their blood circulation, and demonstrates powerful antiinflammatory and anti-aging effects. The topical application of the bioactive compound under the form of creams has indicated high wrinkle improving effect. The number and depth of wrinkles have been significantly reduced. The application of asiaticoside in the experiments performed was very well tolerated, and showed no side effects or any kind of discomfort in all the trials conducted. Owing to its anti-aging and restorative properties, asiaticoside is widely used in various cosmetic applications – for skin and hair damaged by aggressive environmental influence; sensitive skin, prematurely aged by sun exposure; in accelerated skin ageing. It takes part as an ingredient in skin restructuring creams, anti hair loss lotions and nail care products.

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Asiaticoside for wound healing and anti aging  

A wide range of medicinal uses and reported pharmacological properties have been attributed to the substance – treating dermatitis, diabetes...