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With winter finally over, it’s time to spring into, er spring. And this month motivation is high for some of our interviewees. First up, Meghan Markle, who of course will be tying the knot to Prince Harry this summer. No doubt she’ll be getting wedding fit for the big day, but Meghan explains she’s very health conscious as it is. Get to know a bit more about your future royal with our exclusive interview. Also tying the knot this summer is Simon Webbe, who this month moves into the last phase of his 12-week transformation. Simon, as you’re probably aware, was in fairly good shape anyway, but he’s been hitting the gym hard this month and changing his nutritional habits with a view to completing an OCR and getting in peak condition for his impending nuptials. Read on to see what he thinks of leg day, but how eating greens has been literally changing the way he feels. Also in this month’s issue: Stormzy. The grime supremo is everywhere and if you’ve seen him on stage, you’ll see he stays sharp to help him keep on top of his busy schedule. Find out how he does it, and his favourite tracks to work out to, too. And there’s so much more! From recipes and nutritional advice, to workouts and more, we’ve got everything you need to keep you on top of your game as we enter the summer months. PS: If your game’s tennis, you’ll like this issue. Read why you need to head to La Manga Club, or how you can get the family serving aces thanks to David Lloyd. Enjoy the issue!



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COLUMNISTS Top-notch advice from our team of gurus: Mark Laws, Dr Emma Kirke, Ben Coomber, Hannah Spearritt and Kurtis Stacey

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Our man Simon Webbe is entering the final phase of his transformation. See how he’s getting on…

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f you struggle with early mornings and have a close personal relationship with your snooze button, you might consider mapping out a better routine. A recent campaign from Bathstore looked into the morning routines of successful business people to see what sets them up for the day. Turns out all you need is




he sporting calendar has kicked off once again, with new research suggesting almost half of Britain’s kids are signing up to play at least two sports, while 10% play five or more. Swimming has come out on top with 36% of kids taking part, while football comes in at a close second with 34% of kids choosing to play. Running, dance and rugby are also popular choices for today’s children, but it seems that football racks up the highest annual spend per child. You can expect to splash £80 a year if your kid plays footy, £70 if they dance or £66 if they enjoy rugby.


ven if maths is your strong suit, you might not be counting up those calories right. New research has shown that a third of UK adults underestimate their calorie intake, with men consuming over 3,000 calories yet thinking they’ve eaten around 2,000, and women eating 2,300 but assuming their intake is 1,500. In response, Dr Emil Hodzovic from Medichecks suggests we need to strike a balance. Counting calories is a great way to kick off a healthy lifestyle for those of us stuck in our unhealthy ways, but it might not be sustainable long-term. She also stresses the importance of what we eat as opposed to how much, highlighting the need for single ingredient foods like veggies, whole grains and protein, with the odd treat now and then.

a little structure, some exercise and a cheeky espresso once in a while to guarantee a productive morning. Business coach Ruth Kudzi advises drinking lots of water, planning out your day and exercising, but avoiding the snooze button, procrastination and electronic devices until you’ve fully woken up.



t’s no lie that working out makes us feel good, but how does it affect our love lives? A recent survey conducted by personal training app FizzUp revealed that fitness fans can enjoy longer love-making, with better body confidence and more orgasms. 80% agreed to feeling more attractive in front of a partner while 60% of women labelled themselves more adventurous and bolder in the bedroom, as result of being fit. But the absolute winner? The orgasm. 60% of people that have completed over 200 workouts confess to having an orgasm during every sexual encounter.



e’ve all come across the sick colleague, coughing over their desk before sitting in on your meeting. This is known as ‘presenteeism’ and is just one of the factors behind a major problem facing Britain’s workplaces. According to the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey, each employee loses on average six weeks of productivity each year, costing the economy roughly £77.5 billion in 2017. This loss is due to both physical and mental health issues, and it’s on the rise – in 2016 the UK economy lost £73 billion as a result. Some are focusing on the link between lifestyle and workplace, suggesting that employers do more to keep their workforce health and happy. After all, those with healthier lifestyle choices gain 25 additional days of productive time each year – and what employer doesn’t want that?



f there was ever a time to switch up the school run, it would be from 23 April to 4 May – also known as the ‘Big Pedal’. The aim of the game is less fuel emissions and healthier kids, two major problems facing parents in Britain. Last year almost 1,700 schools registered to take part, meaning staff and parents swapped their cars for bikes and scooters, resulting in more than

75,000 gallons of fuel, 728 tonnes of CO2 and £400,000 saved. This year’s campaign is being headed up by Guinness World Record holder Mark Beaumont, who cycled around the world in 78 days. Pupils will be able to track their progress on a map of the world and learn about Mark’s journey. Plus, parents can feel safe knowing their kids are getting some exercise in. Winning all round!



atching TV is a favourite hobby for most British folk, so why not add it to your workout? Former Olympic Hurdler Andy Turner has done the calculations to figure out just how many calories we can burn while watching some of our favourite shows through our smartphones. It turns out that females watching Line of Duty (60 mins) could burn 470 calories on the cross trainer – men could burn 670. Women that watch Stranger Things (60 mins) while on the treadmill could crush 300 calories, and guys could crush 360. The bad news? No calories burned for selfies.



ummer is (almost) in sight and we can start to get excited about fresh British berries, especially having just learned of the benefits they offer for our brains. Research has found that consuming mixed berries in the morning could sustain or improve cognitive function for up to six hours after consumption. This means better brain function and less of the afternoon slump that we’re all so familiar with. Bring on the sunshine, we say!

Meghan Markle talks yoga, a reliance on well-being and, of course, the small matter of something happening in May

It’s a very unroyal approach, but Meghan Markle’s elevation through acting, across showbusiness, and onwards to the upper echelon of high society, must be partly down to her dedication to health and well-being. “Staying fit and in shape is the only way I could ever achieve what I have in life,” she says. While some in the coming weeks will be fawning over a wedding dress, marriage vows and who made it onto the wedding list, Charles Rae – News International royal correspondent with over 20 years’ service and a close confidante of some of the family’s pivotal members – helps us takes a rather more health-focused view into what goes into the making of Meghan. “Princess Diana was really the first member of the royal family who embraced health and realised the public perception of looking and feeling good,” begins Rae, who had a cherished relationship with the mother of husband-to-be Prince Harry. “Attitudes back then were very different, and the sight of someone so important trotting about in a pink tracksuit was a shock to some very traditional royals. But nowadays it’s not just accepted, it’s expected.” Meghan, 36, certainly fits the mould of a personality coming in to update what remains a notoriously stuffy institution. And while for the newest ‘princess’ (or Duchess, more accurately), there is no instruction manual, just as there wasn’t for Diana, there is at least a fitness regime to maintain. It’s no secret that the American is a huge advocate of yoga for its positive impact on body and mind. Her mother has been an instructor for many years and almost by habit she has embraced the ancient Indian principles of physical health, mental accomplishment and spiritual peace. “There are so many benefits that come with the practice of yoga,” says Markle. “The big thing for me has been increased flexibility and muscle strength, but beyond that there’s the whole mental side of exercise, and that’s something I crave. “If I don’t exercise I find myself just going through the motions, whereas on the day of a workout or a yoga

session – which for me is most days – I have brighter outlook, better focus, and fuller sleep as well. “Like everyone, I am prone to anxiety and stress – exercise just seems to blow that away. It’s incredible. And yoga as a form of exercise is right at the front for me.” That inner calm is certainly something Meghan will need to protect in the weeks and months ahead. A lot is made of the wedding, which will take place on 19 May in a ceremony beamed to billions around the planet, yet as Rae outlines, that really is just the start for the royal family’s newest and arguably most high-profile member. “I have been told that Meghan, star of the hit TV series Suits, is having a few butterfly moments - just like any other bride – as she comes to realise the enormity of joining one of the most famous, and at times, most difficult families in the world. “Her reliance on well-being has been there for many years. She didn’t have a conventional childhood or family set-up, and the pressures of her career have always been counterbalanced by a passion for keeping fit, so she’ll come back to that at any available opportunity, and I’m sure will inspire others.” And of course, the well-trodden regime doesn’t stop at yoga. A series of knee injuries curtailed the actress’s love of early-morning runs – she would typically rise at 4am and cover a minimum of 10k – and she has subsequently substituted high-impact exercise for a dedicated stretching and weights plan. “For me it’s not about building mass, more just staying in shape and keeping things toned,” she says. “I’ve looked at spin classes and cycling in general, and that’s a nice alternative to running, which I do miss, but it was proving too heavy for me and the levels I was at.” Returning to the relationship between body and mind, Meghan’s pursuit of her health goals extends through to diet as well. “I’m a passionate advocate for eating well. In the past I’ve known people who excuse poor diet because they exercise hard. I can see that logic and I absolutely love fries and probably eat too many carbs in general; but on the days when I ease off on the heavy foods and focus on fruit and vegetables, or switch to very light vegan meals, I can really feel the difference.”

“IT’S EASY TO OVERDO IT AND I KNOW TO LISTEN TO MY BODY” BUT THE SECRET TO HEALTH AND FITNESS FOR MEGHAN? DO NOTHING. “Downtime is vital for me,” she says. “It’s easy to overdo it and I know to listen to my body. I need to rest my body, and my body needs to know I’m looking after my mind during sleep, as well as in the day.” Rae believes, more than ever before, Markle will need to take advantage of those quiet moments, because they will be few and far between. “This is a woman with style and charisma – she is carefully measured, discrete and modern, and straight away the royals have taken Meghan to their hearts. “She needs to continue to look after herself under intense pressure and incredible scrutiny, but being healthy is her perfect outlet. “I do wonder if other royals from days gone by might have dealt with the pressure better if they too had adopted a similar routine and a focus on body and mind. “We will learn a lot from Meghan as time goes on – a happier nation, quite possibly… but don’t rule out the prospect of a healthier one too.”

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3 championship golf courses, golf academy and extensive practice areas Murcia / Spainl




We’re always after inspiration in the kitchen, which is why we scour the latest healthy-eating cook books to find you the best meals. Enjoy!

ROAST SQUASH AND APPLE WITH RAW SPROUTS SERVES 3–4 “This wonderful autumnal salad, from my ever-brilliant collaborator Gill Meller, is hot and tender, spicy and aromatic, crisp and raw – the range of textures and flavours is superbly satisfying. And it’s so easy to throw together.” About 1kg squash, such as a medium butternut or acorn squash, or ½ Crown Prince 2 tbsp olive or rapeseed oil 4–5 bay leaves, roughly torn 2 sprigs of rosemary, roughly torn A small handful of sage leaves, roughly torn (optional) 1 tsp fennel seeds A pinch of dried chilli flakes About 175g Brussels sprouts 2 medium eating apples 25g sunflower seeds (or other seeds of your choice) Sea salt and black pepper FOR THE DRESSING 2 tbsp extra virgin olive or rapeseed oil 2 tsp English mustard 1–2 tsp sugar 1 tbsp cider vinegar

Preheat the oven to 200°C/Fan 180°C/ Gas 6. Halve the squash and scoop out the seeds, but don’t remove the peel. Cut into slim wedges, about 2cm wide at the outside edge, and place in a large roasting tray. Trickle over the oil then scatter over the herbs, fennel seeds, chilli flakes and some salt and pepper. Turn the pieces of squash over in the oil and seasonings, then place in the oven and roast for about 30 minutes until tender and nicely browned in places. Meanwhile, combine all the ingredients for the dressing in a large bowl, adding salt and pepper to taste. Trim the sprouts and remove any damaged or dirty outer leaves then slice very thinly. Add them to the bowl of dressing and mix well, breaking up the layers of sprout a bit as you go. Quarter the apples, remove the cores and cut each quarter into two or three wedges (again, no need to peel). Set aside. When the squash is tender and starting to brown, add the apple wedges and stir them in with the squash and seasonings. Return to the oven for about 15 minutes or until the apples are tender but not broken down. Scatter the seeds over the veg and apple for the last few minutes of cooking, so they toast lightly. Spoon the dressed sprouts over the hot squash and apple wedges, then serve. SWAPS Squash: replace the squash with a combination of peeled and roughly chunked-up parsnips and carrots. Greens: use finely shredded Savoy cabbage instead of the sprouts.


RED CABBAGE AND CASHEW BIRYANI SERVES 5–6 “You can grind your own spices for this generous, all-in-one rice dish, or use a good ready-made curry paste for an easy option.” 2 tbsp virgin coconut or rapeseed oil 1 onion, halved and thinly sliced 3 garlic cloves, sliced 1 medium-large leek (200–250g), halved and thinly sliced ¼ red cabbage (about 300g), cored and shredded 400ml tin coconut milk 250g white basmati rice, rinsed & drained 125g cashew nuts 100g raisins Sea salt FOR THE SPICE MIX 2 tsp coriander seeds 2 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp dried chilli flakes 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1 tsp black peppercorns 4 cardamom pods, seeds extracted 1 tbsp ground turmeric OR 3 tbsp ready-made mild-medium curry paste TO FINISH 2 mild red chillies, deseeded and sliced Chopped coriander (optional) Preheat the oven to 180°C/Fan 160°C/ Gas 4. Have ready a large, wide, flameproof casserole with a well-fitting lid. If preparing your own spice mix, put the casserole over a medium heat, add all the whole spices and toast them gently for 2–3 minutes until fragrant. Take off the heat and grind the spices coarsely using a pestle and mortar or spice grinder. Mix with the turmeric and set aside. Return the casserole to a medium heat and add the oil. When hot, add the onion, garlic, leek and cabbage. Cook gently, stirring regularly, for about 10 minutes, until the veg are softened and reduced in volume. Add the freshly prepared spice mix, or bought curry paste, and cook for another couple of minutes, stirring a few times. Meanwhile, heat the coconut milk gently in a saucepan with 300ml water

Extract taken from River Cottage Much More Veg by Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall (Bloomsbury, £26) is out now. Photography © Simon Wheeler until smoothly amalgamated. Add the rice, cashews and raisins to the veg. Add 1 tsp salt, or if using a ready-made paste that already includes salt, just ½ tsp. Stir well so that everything is thoroughly combined. Pour on the warm diluted coconut milk and stir well. Make sure the ingredients are level in the dish, then bring up to a simmer. Cover the casserole and cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Take it out of the oven and check that the rice is tender (if not, give it another 5 minutes). Then cover the dish again and leave it to stand for 5–10 minutes. Remove the lid and fluff up the

rice a little with a fork. Scatter over some red chilli and coriander, if using, then serve. This is really good with a spoonful of chutney on the side. Use your favourite mango chutney or make up a half quantity of coriander and tamarind sauce; serve it raw and unheated as a chutney. SWAPS Brassicas: use white cabbage or a firm green winter cabbage instead of red cabbage. Nuts: use whole, skin-on almonds rather than the cashews. Dried fruit: add chopped dried apricots in place of the raisins.

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Powerhouse Fitness Cardio Strong TX90

Are you looking to start collecting equipment for your home gym? If you’ve got the space, use it. The new Cardio Strong TX90 treadmill measures in at over 1.5 metres in length and over half a meter wide but makes exceptional use of the space, offering a wealth of features to help you achieve your optimal cardio best. The dynamic running surface is powered by a 3.5HP strong motor and accompanies a large 34cm x 20cm touch screen console pre-installed with YouTube and Spotify to help you stay motivated and engaged. It also comes complete with an online training journal to help you record progress, while also tracking and displaying distance, speed, incline, heart rate and calories as you run. You can also choose from twelve workout programmes for fat burning, cardio training or high intensity, to increase your maximum performance and diversify your fitness regime. This treadmill offers a wide range of integrated technology as well as WiFi connectivity. Logistically, it is ideal for your home and has been designed using innovative folding mechanisms and transport wheels for ease of movement and storage. The in-built fan will also lend a hand while you sweat!

Fitbit Versa The newest and most stylish addition to the Fitbit family will track all the basics as well as distance, lengths and calories burned in the pool – it’s waterproof to 50m. You can also download 300 songs to it to listen through Bluetooth earphones. Winning! Price: £199

Price: £1,499

B&O Beoplay H4 Stylish new headphones from the SS18 collection made using leather, aluminium and stainless steel for a flawless finish. Comes complete with up to 19 hours of battery life, wireless Bluetooth connection and high quality sound. Price: £249

Pulsin protein powders Natural protein masters Pulsin have unveiled two new flavoured protein powders. The new Vanilla Whey – ideal for supercharging your protein intake – and Chocolate Pea – rich in zinc and iron – are available in 250g and handy 25g sachets. Simply mix into milk or water for a great-tasting quick protein fix. From: £13.49

Nokia Steel HR

Light L16

The first activity-tracking, heart rate monitoring watch to offer a battery life of 25 days while seamlessly encased in a classic and sleek frame, perfect for all occasions. Count your steps, laps in the pool, distance travelled and calories burned. Price: from £149.95

The world’s first multi-aperture computational camera. Combining 16 different camera modules into one slim frame, it captures your image using multiple focal lengths and sophisticated algorithms for excellent high-resolution photography. Price: £1,850

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 An affordable camera stabiliser that offers smoother tracking and camera movement, for anyone in search of those perfect snaps and videos on the go. Using highstrength nylon for a lighter product and easy-to-use app integration. Price: £129

Kind Bars A high-fibre, gluten free and low sugar snack bar range that just added a bunch of delicious new flavours, including Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt. Price: £12 for box of 12

Fresh Foam 1080x8 The eighth version of this classic women’s running shoe offers a breathable, supportive and ultrasnug fit using newly reconfigured flex grooves and signature Fresh Foam midsole technology. Price: £125

iMate Charging Station A portable third-party charging and syncing station that allows you to charge up to six devices at once. Compatible with a wide range of devices including iPad, iPhone, Macbook, Apple Watch and more. The perfect travel companion. Price: Pre-order $99


altr sneakers

Makita CM501DZ Coffee Maker An on-site portable coffee maker that uses the battery from any of your other Makita power tools to serve you up a delicious brew. A fully charged battery will provide up to five cups of coffee. Price: £80 (ish)

For those wanting to express their individuality, or gents who like the finer things in life, altr sneakers are a significant new brand statement. Comprising Lo and Hi Sneakers, you can choose from over 1,000 colour and material combinations in the simple-to-use altr online configurator to create your own perfect altr trainers. Made from the finest local leathers and materials by skilled artisans in the renowned Marche region of Italy, each shoe is created using over 130 handcrafted processes to your exact specification. Every pair is unique. For a final touch of personalisation, the initials of each collaborator will be monogrammed onto the linings of each shoe. The Lo Sneaker 1.0 offers a choice of matte tumbled leather and velour suede colour combinations. The Hi Sneaker 1.0 offers a fully customisable collar, side panel, laces and vamp. From £250


If you’re low on time but dreaming big when it comes to building lean muscle in your arms, then try this dumbbell complex workout. Quick. Brutal. Effective.


ever judge someone by the weight they lift… for they could be undergoing a punishing dumbbell complex workout. Put simply, doing these will change your life. And your arms! Imagine holding 10kg and struggling to lift it. Well, that’s what this routine can do to you. It’s brutal, but it will show you what you can achieve simply by using different techniques and weights.

The goal of this programme is to build lean muscle and lose body fat. These are very common goals, so we’re targeting these areas by introducing metabolic resistance training. This is high-intensity weights in mini circuits. This will fatigue your muscles, but it is the most effective way to change your body composition. These movements will optimise your training and keep your body challenged.

These high-intensity workouts are really important because they can keep your metabolic rate high for a further two to three days; which means you’re always burning calories. These workouts don’t take long but they do hurt. They’re a huge benefit when it comes to recycling body proteins. Try this session three times a week. Good luck!






















100% seasonal organic food brought to your door in weekly boxes. Think of it as hired muscle (the good kind). Fix yourself a pre-gym boost or some post-gym restoration with the fresh fruit and veg in our boxes. And there’s plenty more where that came from. Organic meat, super supplements, and kicky smoothies, all just a click away.

Pick your ‘equipment’ and plan your regime

Try our Nectarine Dream Smoothie Get your protein and fat from almonds and yogurt, and fruity carbs form nectarines and oranges. Halve 2 nectarines and scoop out the stones. Peel 2 oranges and break them into segments. Trim and roughly chop 2 carrots. Put them all in your blender with 35g of flaked almonds and 225g of Greek style yogurt. Add a few ice cubes to the blender and blitz till smooth. Serve straight away.

Start your session Sign up today to get 50% off your 1st & 4th boxes, plus a free cookbook in your first delivery, with code BEST50.* Skip to to get started, or give us a call on 03452 62 62 62. * The half price box applies to fruit & veg boxes, juicing, smoothie, souping and recipe boxes. Your free copy of the Abel & Cole How to Eat Brilliantly Every Day cookbook will arrive in your first box. Offer does not apply to those who have an order or delivery in place with us already. Code must be redeemed by 22nd May 2018. Minimum order £12, excluding £1.25 delivery. Full T&Cs online.





f you haven’t noticed the increase in popularity and consequent sales of non-dairy milks, vegan meat alternatives and the constant appearance of new startups, you have possibly been in hibernation. Veganuary was more popular than ever this year and I think it’s fairly safe to say that plantbased foods are going to be one of the hottest food trends for 2018. Whether you choose this lifestyle change due to your health or other motivations, or to save animals, you will need to become more inventive with your meals to keep things interesting and nutritionally balanced. For example, vegan desserts to curb those cravings may require you to get into the kitchen and create your own, however, you will note a substantial amount of choice in the supermarkets nowadays. From mainstream ice cream brands adding a vegan selection, to specialist companies creating delectable delights such as Freaks of Nature, you will undoubtedly not be short of choice. So, it may be prudent to ensure that exercise regimen is in place. Of course, vegans may need to supplement their protein intake with a protein powder. Pea, rice and hemp are very common but the taste can be challenging. Consequently, companies can add a lot of sugar to try to sweeten it up. Try to source ones with a high protein yield without vast quantities of sugar involved as

well. If you’re considering your own meal plans or eating out, good oldfashioned meat substitutes such as tofu, tempeh, beans, whole grains and pulses all work, as well as seeds such as amaranth. As someone that has an allergy to cow’s milk I am perpetually seeking to fill my love of cheese with an excellent substitute. I recently discovered vegan cheeses at mainstream supermarkets that tasted like the cow’s milk versions I remembered. I believe that certain chains of pizza shops are also looking

at introducing this to their menus following the success in the USA and Israel, so keep your eyes peeled. Have you ever heard of Jackfruit? I have yet to sample it myself, but the lowdown is that this food source will see sales spike as it will cook up with the texture of pulled pork and can be flavoured in many ways, as it will take on the flavour of anything it’s paired with. This means it is truly versatile and could be a great deal of fun. Gastropubs are jumping on the vegan trend and are even including vegan beer on their menus. Have you tried their interpretations of burgers, too? Very tasty, and they’re becoming ever more inventive and adventurous. If you sample a delicious vegan burger, we would love to see your pictures, so don’t forget to tag us on social media. Vegan cafes are popping up all over the place, too, and the food industry is offering vegan options in many more places including hospitals for both staff and patients alike. The vegan trend is definitely here to stay, although I am not entirely convinced by the vegan seafood trend, but let’s wait to see what the verdict is.

Jack Laugher is an Olympic gold medallist looking to finish on top spot once again, this time down under at the Commonwealth Games.

JACK, YOU’VE TALKED ABOUT THE POST-OLYMPIC BLUES FOLLOWING RIO – ARE YOU STILL ENJOYING YOUR DIVING? Definitely. I’m so lucky that I get to do something that I really love and something that has given me so much. I’ve got a lot to show for it and I’m really happy, not just for me but for the army of people that have helped me along the way, my mum, my coaches, everyone – I wouldn’t have got this far on my own. THE RIO OLYMPICS WERE 18 MONTHS AGO – HAS THE TIME SINCE PASSED IN A BLUR? The time after Rio was pretty crazy, really. I had a great time, but it was also pretty difficult to deal with it all. It was like jumping into fame for 10 minutes and it was very difficult to deal with. I enjoyed it, but it was nice to settle down and take some time to reflect. I had a couple of months off training and came back and enjoyed a really successful 2017 but, you’re right, it has seemed like a whirlwind at times and it has gone by incredibly quickly. Those memories will stay with me forever and that gold medal is something that no one can ever take away from

“I AM AN OLYMPIC CHAMPION – THAT’S SOMETHING THAT TOOK ME QUITE A WHILE TO GET USED TO SAYING BUT I’M MORE COMFORTABLE WITH IT NOW” me. I am an Olympic champion – that’s something that took me quite a while to get used to saying but I’m more comfortable with it now. AFTER ACHIEVING SO MUCH AT THE OLYMPICS, WAS PART OF YOU THINKING THAT LIFE WOULD NEVER BE THIS GOOD AGAIN? When you finally achieve your dream, you do sort of sit there and say to yourself ‘what’s next?’. But I’ve got a lot more I want to do with my life. I’ve still got more Olympic Games, more Commonwealth Games and in the real world I would like to get married one day and have kids. There’s all those things you have to look forward to. Rio was amazing and the moment we nailed the dive for gold is something I’ll never forget. I don’t know if I’m ever going to win an Olympic gold again but having that memory in my life is amazing and hopefully I can use that experience to do it again. HAS IT BEEN HARD TO FOCUS ON THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES? Not at all. As I said, I’m really looking forward to the rest of my life and the Commonwealth Games is a really important part of that. The competition is going to be fantastic in Australia because there’s a lot of decent diving nations out there. The women’s events, from an English perspective, are probably that little bit harder. You’ve got

Australia, you’ve got Canada and Malaysia and although they’re superb athletes in the men’s events they’re probably that little bit stronger in the women’s competition. A clean sweep for Team England? That would be a bit of a push but I definitely think we can pick up a fair few medals. HOW ARE THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES VIEWED BY THE DIVERS? For me, it’s fantastic. In divingterms, it’s not as big as a World or European Championship but when I was a kid in 2010 at Glasgow, I was competing in a multi-sport games against some of the best in the world. That was a huge stepping stone for me. There are athletes that can compete at a Commonwealth Games because you get three spots instead of two. For me it was massive. It’s an event I’ve watched all my life and it was an unbelievable experience. It’s an event that has a huge place in my heart. As a fifteenyear-old it was crazy. HOW DO YOU PREPARE PHYSICALLY FOR A MAJOR EVENT LIKE THE COMMONWEALTHS? I would do 60% in the dry gym and about 40% in the pool. That might

surprise a few people because it’s probably a lot less time than people would think we spend in the water. Right now, it’s about increasing my strength and then tapering off when I can’t really get any stronger. I’ll do weight and gymnastics conditioning to make sure I’m as strong as possible going into the Games. You’re always looking for that edge that can make you 1 or 2 per cent better and give you an edge over your competitors. About a week before we go, we’ll start to reduce our training so that when the Games begin we’ll hopefully be at our optimum. We won’t be lifting really heavy weights at that point, we’ll be focusing on the competition and getting ourselves completely mentally ready as well as physically ready. WHAT ARE MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS YOU FOCUS ON AS A SPRINGBOAD DIVER? Just diving itself is a brilliant way of building up your strength but the legs are really the key element to what we do, so there will be plenty of squats in order to get the legs as strong as possible. We’ll vary it though, trying to mix-up the weights in order to keep it as fresh as possible.

JACK THE LAD Here’s a brief rundown of Jack’s achievements so far OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 • GOLD 3m Springboard Synchro • SILVER 3m springboard WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 • BRONZE 3m Springboard Synchro • BRONZE 3m springboard EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 • GOLD 3m Springboard Synchro • SILVER 3m springboard COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2014 • GOLD 1m springboard • GOLD 3m Springboard Synchro • SILVER 3m springboard




Whether it’s breasts or bottom, make sure you do your research before committing to surgery, says Reflect Clinic’s Gerard Lambe.


ou may have seen Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Gerard Lambe on BBC Breakfast as Spokesperson for BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). He’s also appeared on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, giving a breast surgery consultation with doyenne Dawn Ward and her daughters Darby and Taylor. He operated on Darby Ward and her grand reveal was aired on the show when she appeared at Dawn’s annual Crème De La Crème Ball for the Cauldwell Children’s Charity. The episode also showcased our Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality Breast Surgery software (#BoobGoggles) where you can see yourself (in virtual reality) with various implants of different sizes and shapes and in different clothes from bikinis to ball gowns! This software really helps our patients choose the right breast implants for them as they can ‘see’ their future breasts in Virtual Reality from all angles (including their cleavage). What do you specialise in? I specialise in breast surgery, including breast enlargements, breast reductions and breast uplifts. I also do Mummy Makeovers (a mix of a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery) which aim to give a mother her body back after the rigours of pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding, if she so wishes. I also perform a host of other female surgeries on request.

What are the new trends in Cosmetic Surgery? We are always busy with breast enlargement requests, but most recently we’ve had a lot of enquiries for Brazilian Butt Lifts, which we believe are trends driven by pop stars such as Nicki Minaj, and reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian, and many Instagram models. What is a Brazilian Butt Lift? A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is where the bottom area is re-shaped. This gives it a more toned and rounded appearance. Many women also complain their bottom is flatter after children, and this procedure enables the area to be reshaped to make it look rounder. What is involved? Women are delighted to hear that for this surgery you need a good amount of fat to start! I use a system where I remove fat from other areas of the body, such as the stomach and waist areas, and sculpt it around the top half of the bottom. The result is that the waist and stomach areas become smaller and the bottom looks higher and rounder and replicates a more toned and youthful bottom! This will give you that highly sought after ‘hour glass’ figure. What advice would you give to a potential patient? Many ladies spend a lot of time

unhappy about a particular part of their body. If this sounds like you and you are thinking about surgery, I advise you to do your research thoroughly before coming to see me. You can then ask me any personal questions that are specific to you and bring a picture of what look you are trying to achieve. Where are you based? We are based at Spire Cheshire (in Warrington) and Spire Manchester (in Didsbury) hospitals, but our patients come from Aberdeen to Brighton, and internationally from Kuwait, Singapore and USA. How much does it cost? Every individual is different but we are happy to give you a ball-park figure over the phone by calling Jayne on 0161 393 3993. Your individual consultation costs £195 and an exact figure will be quoted with this. Spire Hospitals offer great patient care and 0% interest on loans for surgery.

Ben and the DL Tennis Stars outside DL Club

MEET TOMORROW’S TOP TENNIS PLAYERS TODAY… Serve like Serena, volley like Venus and forehand like Federer, here’s how to get your game face on


ith Wimbledon around the corner, things are cranking up courtside and the stars of the future are being coached and nurtured at David Lloyd. With a whole variety of tennis courses specialising for kids aged three years old upwards through to adult coaching, there’s an insatiable appetite and increased passion to pick up a racket and play. From beginner levels through to semiprofessional, there’s something for everyone no matter what age. Tennis All Stars focuses on teaching talent from Tennis Tots though to late teens and offers a unique programme – endorsed by the Lawn Tennis Association – which enhances players’ overall development, makes learning fun and improves fitness. It also harnesses the essentials of social interaction for children. And Coach Ben Mitchell believes

one of the reasons the sport is so popular among younger people is because it offers a holistic variety of skills unlike other sports. “Hand-eye coordination, ball bounce awareness, racket skills, balance, teamwork and individuality are just a few of the life-skills we teach with tennis. The physical and psychological benefits for kids – especially for those who start tennis at an early age – are immense and once conquered, they can take these multi-faceted skills with them wherever they go. We believe in nurturing our talent and not pushing too fast too soon so we make tomorrow’s tennis stars today.” David Lloyd has been nurturing top talent at all levels with many younger players being picked for the Under-12s GB squad. Sienna Cooper, 11, has been playing since the age of four and is in the Under-12s GB team. She explained: “I spend every day using the facilities at our local David Lloyd club. These

include the gym, swimming pools and the court. I really look forward to training as my coach (Ben Mitchell) makes it great fun. As well as playing up to six hours a week with my Dad, I regularly play with an opponent who has a higher ranking than me. This helps me learn.” Joe Conaghan, 13, represents Yorkshire under-14s and loves the variety of the game which involves using different strokes and techniques. And whilst Tennis is certainly a game involving dedication and determination, Coach Ben Mitchell explains why they’re keen to get the balance right. He says: “Lots of kids burn out too soon because they peak too soon and there’s so much pressure upon them. That is so common across most sports. But we make sure the kids enjoy it and appreciate the longevity surrounding tennis. And we certainly see their staying power and how they grow up to be determined.”

Savinien Biock, 11, represented Yorkshire in the 12 and unders and reveals how he stays so determined and focussed throughout a game. “My top tips to win are to never give up because the match is only finished when the last point has been played,” he says. Scott Hillerby, 12, No 1 in Yorkshire Under12s and Top 20 in Great Britain explains how he prepares for a tournament: “I eat healthily & drink plenty of water. I practise the day before & work on a certain shot that I feel is my weakest.” Taylor Hampshaw, 11, is also in the Yorkshire squad and adores the social side as much as he does the learning and improving. “Tennis is a great sport to make friendships through and I love that part of it. I also love constantly trying to improve myself.” Players can go onto become top tennis stars and compete in the prestigious annual Hunters National Premiere League Finals. Every year, the contest

which is attended by tennis stars such as Marcus Willis, takes place at David Lloyd in Leeds where 16 teams battle it out to walk away with a generous cash prize and the much-sought after winning trophy. The 2018 Hunters Premiere League Finals will happen at David Lloyd Leeds from Friday 4th May through to Sunday 6 May. And it’s a great atmosphere, as Ben Mitchell, Tennis Coach at David Lloyd says: “The atmosphere courtside is amazing and it’s such a bright, adrenaline-pumping event to be involved in. We encourage spectators to come along to support and be part of such a special tournament. Watching it can be quite therapeutic. Like playing the game itself. Tennis really is for everyone, I coach kids aged three through to people aged 93!” For more information on tennis at David Lloyd, check-out


Here, David Lloyd Tennis Coach Ben Mitchell shares his top tips on how to ‘Wow!’ like a Wimbledon ace… VOLLEY LIKE VENUS 1. Keep the volley simple; with volleys less is more. Try and keep your take back short and use your wrists more. 2. Keep your eyes on the ball. Really focus on the ball through contact point, the more you focus the more likely the ball is going to go where you want it to go.

3. Always have the racket up. Whenever possible, have the racket at eye level and this will reduce the amount you need to do with the racket before contact.

SERVE LIKE SERENA 1. Don’t take your racket back too fast, keep this part slow and accelerate your racket through contact and on the follow through. 2. Get the toss in the perfect position – it needs to be slightly out to the right and just in front, opposite if you are left–handed.

3. If you are really struggling with your serve, why not practise just throwing the ball. The service action and throwing a ball are very similar and this will help you to hit the perfect serve.

FOREHAND LIKE FEDERER 1. First movement. Rotate your shoulders, gets your racket back early and this will help you move efficiently to the ball. 2. Footwork is essential, if you aren’t in the right position you’re not going to hit a good shot. So focus on getting those small

adjustment steps in before contact to make sure you are in the right position. 3. Make sure you don’t swing too big or too fast or you won’t time the ball well. Keep the swing compact before contact and speed up just before you hit the ball.



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LA MANGA CLUB: A COMMUNITY OF ASPIRATION BESTFIT ditched the snow of the UK for warmer times when we visited the salubrious – and sunny – surrounds of La Manga Club


n a week when the Beast from the East brought the UK to a standstill, I found myself waving goodbye to the spring chill of home and heading to La Manga Club, still one of Europe’s most revered sporting resorts. For me, it was a step into the unknown. La Manga Club is synonymous with both tennis and golf, neither of which I would include in my favourite sporting activity list but, as I was about to discover, the resort, in Murcia just south of Valencia on Spain’s southern coast, has far more to offer than racquets and clubs. The first thing to strike me on arrival was the sheer scale of the resort. Built in 1972, and measuring roughly five times the size of Monaco, La Manga Club is a huge complex incorporating 111 deluxe apartments and the palatial and worldfamous Prince Filipe 5-Star hotel.

a golfer, but he got straight down to basics in an attempt to knock my game into some kind of shape. To help me further he introduced me to the latest in Trakman technology, which monitors every aspect of your swing with some pretty impressive stats. It was easy for me to quickly understand where I was going wrong, with the video playback showing a very bad posture and almost lumberjack chop when it came to contact.

Once you’ve visited you’re smitten. Just ask the likes of Matt Damon, David Beckham and Liam Neeson – just three regular A-list attendees at a resort that regularly plays host to the great and good of the Premier League. The next day I was taken on tour of La Manga Club to discover it not only boasts three beautiful Championship golf courses and 28 tennis courts, but is also home to eight football pitches, two cricket grounds, a variety of swimming pools, bowls and a kids’ club. To cap off these offerings, at the top of

the hill, it also has a state-of-the-art fitness centre where you can swim, relax or train, while taking in the breath-taking view. And if sport isn’t your thing? Fear not, there are shuttle buses to transport you to the beach and around the resort. It’s these touches that make La Manga Club, despite its size, feel such a natural and homely community. In the afternoon I found myself checking in for a golf lesson with Thomas Johansson. He had a tough task, given I’m a journalist rather than

Unperturbed, I began to work at the far-from-simple task of perfecting my swing. Looking out into the sun, club in my hand, it wasn’t hard to see the attraction of both the sport itself and the stunning resort I was playing in. As a non golfer I would feel very comfortable spending a few weeks here learning the fundamentals of the game without the pressure of being on a course in the UK. And with golf packages from €525pp for 5 nights in the 5-star hotel and 4 rounds, I can’t think of a better way to learn. If the golf facilities were impressive, then the fitness centre, perched on high overlooking the

resort, was something else entirely. It didn’t take long to work out why the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid are regular visitors and, although I’m unlikely to be lining up for either in the near future, I decided to book myself in for an MOT. I had got a bit carried away with breakfast so decided on a run up to the centre with the morning sun casting light on the fantastic scenery that surrounds La Manga Club. My early morning scoffing run off, I arrived with a spring in my step ready for my tests and workouts designed to uncover the best way of maximising my physical potential. These included: countermovement jump “CMJ” (Optogate), a 5-0-5 agility test (Photocells), force-velocity profiling (Squat Linear Encoder) and isokinetic testing (Isokinetic Dynamometer). And while the rest of the resort revelled in a morning in the spa, I have to admit that this was my kind of treat. Resisting the urge to check the weather back home, I then made my way to a tennis lesson with James Andreotti, a great teacher who soon got my backhand sorted. He then set to work on my dreadful serve. The attitude of the coaches and the excellence of the facilities summed up the whole atmosphere of La Manga Club – a place that welcomes both sporting excellence and those who aspire to hit the heights but never get past base camp. The real beauty of La Manga Club is its village feel and the fact that you can safely walk around or take one of the shuttle buses to wherever you need to be, whenever you need to be there. The restaurants and nightlife are pretty good too, further illustrating that this is a place for everyone. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to try out more. Or work further on knocking down my golf handicap.


According to researchers, happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a daily basis. And according to happify, the destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing, ‘happy’ people have a lower heart rate, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and lower concentrations of a plasma associated with heart disease. What are you doing to make yourself happier?

People who socialise frequently with family and friends for up to a quarter of the hours in a typical day, are 12 times as likely to report feeling happy than feeling stressed or anxious. In a Gallup poll conducted in the US, individuals who spent a lot of time on their own were unhappy.

The happiest couples have five positive interactions for every negative one. Never go to sleep on an argument!




According to boffins at the University of Colorado Boulder, those getting busy in the sack every couple of days were more likely to report higher levels of happiness.


People who are happy because they feel their lives have purpose, i.e. they are likely to help a friend in need, experience healthy changes at the cellular level.


According to the 2018 World Happiness Report conducted by the UN, Finland is the happiest nation on earth. Finland, which finished ahead of Norway, Denmark and Iceland, ranked highly on income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. The rankings are based on Gallup polls of self-reported well-being, as well as perceptions of corruption, generosity and freedom. The UK is ranked 19th, ahead of France and Spain, but behind Germany, Canada and Australia.


People who regularly experience feeling awe, so by going to museums, shows or natural beauty spots, for example, have lower levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines that are markers for many diseases.


Those with a ‘growth mindset’ who believe you can always develop, whether it’s by running a 10k or learning new skills, are likely to be happier. When learning a new behaviour, using positive self-talk is more effective than scolding yourself.

GIVE, NOT TAKE Numerous studies show that being kind makes us feel less stressed, isolated and angry, and also happier, more connected with the world, and more open to new experiences.


Take time to pause and enjoy the things around you. Being mindful and enjoying the simple things can boost feelings of happiness. This is called ‘savoring’, a term coined by Dr. Fred Bryant, a professor at Loyola University Chicago.



Those in their 30s are considered happiest because they have energy, wisdom and money all at once. In another study, however, researchers found that people in their mid-50s tend to smile the most. And in a third study, researchers found that people’s happiness is lowest around 44 then starts to build gradually until it peaks in the 70s. The moral of this trio of contradictory facts: there is no such thing as a ‘happiest age,’ although many scientists agree that in general, we get happier with age.


According to an analysis of 30 studies, happy people are likely to be ill less frequently. Moreover, those with a more positive outlook also recover faster. Feeling optimistic about growing older can add as much as seven years onto your life.

Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that having contact with 10 or more friends had a significant impact on an individual’s happiness levels. A robust social network can even prolong your life. Also, having a close friend within a mile radius can increase your happiness by 25%.

SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY Those spending money on cars and houses, or material things, experience more short-term happiness than those who, say, spend their money on experiences with friends.


Apparently money does make us happy. A study by Princeton University found that the £53k-mark appeared to be the point at which people didn’t worry about finances.


Now entering the third stage of his 12-week transformation, Simon Webbe is eating green and feeling lean “I hate legs day!” We catch up with Simon early one morning, ahead of a brutal session planned by his PT. He sounds weary, which might have something to do with having just returned from a weekend in Amsterdam, or the prospect of another legs session. “Everyone hates leg sessions, I know, but I love the feeling afterwards,” he explains. “Anthony Joshua says, ‘Never skip leg day,’ and while you know it’s going to be tough, you just have to crack on. When you’ve done it, you can give yourself a pat on the back. Jack does well to keep me on my toes. My upper body is very strong, so it’s good to work on other areas of my body.” Simon is now just four weeks away from the end of his 12-week intensive training. In that time, he has to fit in work trips to Bristol, Edinburgh and Kazakhstan, but with the end in sight

“ANTHONY JOSHUA SAYS, ‘NEVER SKIP LEG DAY,’ AND WHILE YOU KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE TOUGH, YOU JUST HAVE TO CRACK ON” he remains on target to reach his goals, and shape up not only for the Wolf Run OCR, but also his wedding in June. “One thing I would say is that if you have a specific goal, get yourself a PT,” he continues. “I have always trained hard, but there is no substitute for having someone pushing you harder. I feel much better but that’s not just down to the training, it’s also down to what I’m eating too.” “Everything I’ve thrown at him, he’s

done well,” explains Jack. “Yeah, he might have a moan when it comes to the leg sessions, but I don’t know many people that enjoy them. They’re really important, though, and he gives me 100%. I can’t ask for any more.” Eating green and staying lean “Arguably the biggest change I’ve had to make in this process is to my diet,” explains Simon. “I’ve always eaten ok, though it can be hard when you’re working into the early hours and need to keep going. I’m now eating a lot of greens. I mean, LOADS of greens! I would always have some veg with my meals, or maybe a bit of avocado, but now I’m eating loads of broccoli and beans, maybe whole avocados instead of half, things like that. They say when it comes to exercise that it’s 90% diet, 10% working out, so I’ve tried really hard to stick to the plan, and

“I HAVE ALWAYS TRAINED HARD, BUT THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HAVING SOMEONE PUSHING YOU HARDER. I FEEL BETTER BUT THAT’S ALSO DOWN TO WHAT I’M EATING”.” I’ve learned a lot about my body as a result. I’ve lost weight, and I’m finding my body is responding to whatever Jack is telling it to do.” “His body fat will drop now,” says Jack, “and that’s down to a combination of what he’s doing, and what he’s eating. He’ll see more muscle tone, too, and by doing three sets of 10 rather than five sets of five [see workout] he’ll be working muscle endurance, building his strength and toning his muscles. Take a look at his Instagram account (@simonwebbe1) to get an idea of some of the stuff he’s eating. He’s really cut down on the carbs too, but that sometimes means he has to extend his recovery periods because he has less energy. He’s giving 100%, and it’s starting to show.” Intermittent fasting Simon’s new nutrition habits involve eating for eight hours of the day, then fasting for the remaining 16. “This keeps him in the fat-burning zone while he’s training,” explains Jack. “It’s all about keeping him in this zone for as long as possible, so quite often he won’t begin his eight-hour feeding session until after his training.” “It took a bit of time for my body to adjust to that,” explains Simon. “I was tired a lot and I was having to sleep to recover from the workouts. The biggest challenge has been to stop snacking. To begin with, my body craved sugar. It’s supposed to take about four days for that feeling to stop and I suffered from

headaches and all sorts, but over time that has gone away. The only snacks I’m having now are Pulsin bars and shakes, and generally I’m eating a lot of fish, greens and a load less carbs.” “On it” It’s been hard,” Simon says of the experience so far. “I’ve had to juggle workouts around work trips and previously arranged weekends away, so some weeks I’ve had to do double sessions to ensure I get the work in.” “Juggling this kind of intensity around work schedules can be hard,” says Jack. “I want to make sure he has enough rest, but also that he gets everything in the sessions he needs to. Sometimes that means doing double sessions, but he’s coping very well.” “Booze has also been a tricky one, as I’ve had loads of things going on that involve drink, such as holidays and birthdays,” adds Simon. “However, I’ve stopped drinking as much and when I’ve been DJing, for example, I’ve been swapping booze for water. I don’t need to drink to have a good time and the more I’ve learned about my body, the more I’ve tried to do the right thing.”

SNACK ON THE GO Containing a blend of pea and rice protein to provide all of the essential amino acids your body needs, Pulsin’s Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster bar gives you the perfect protein boost for pre or post workout. It also contains Madagascan vanilla and choc chips naturally sweetened with tooth friendly Xylitol (naturally occurring sweetener found in many fruit and vegetables). The high plant-based protein and fibre content can also help keep you feeling fuller for longer and work to keep you energised between meals and on the go. • Madagascan Vanilla flavourings • 13g Plant-based protein • Balanced energy bar • Rich in fibre • Cold pressed • Dairy free • Soya free • Gluten free • Vegan • Non GM













Phase 3


“The last stage of this transformation will be about tapering and toning, so really pushing through on the quality of his exercises,” says Jack. “The fat percentage will really start to drop, but he’ll be increasing his strength. Ultimately, we’ll be hoping to achieve his goals thanks to a combination of these workouts alongside his usual boxing sessions.”




Phase 2: the upper body workout CORE EXERCISES - 10 MINS 1






“You’ll notice we’re now doing three sets of 10 reps rather than 5 x 5,” explains Jack. “Doing 5 x 5 takes a big toll on the body and Simon’s energy levels were suffering. s strength range is superb, though, so this suits him a lot better. Again, we’re doing three sessions a week and the aim is to work the whole body, and this is how we’re developing his upper body. Simon’s also doing boxing sessions on top of this to work his cardio levels, so choose something that suits you, and which raises your heart rate.”

Thanks to Chigwell



Saucony Originals Collection is highlighted with an authentic mesh toebox, unlined tongue, bespoke sock liner, weathered upper and off-white midsole.







A comfortable top features a soft fleece lining, two open hand pocket and colour contrasting stripe. £39.99/£35.99

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6. DORINA PACIFICA TEDDY This piece is cut with a shoulder-baring neckline with a loose silhouette and features a tie waist for a touch of structure. £22



7. HELLO KITTY X TIKIBOO SPORTS BRA & CAPRI Exclusive prints and patterns on workout/capri leggings, sports bras and more, all adorned in the much-loved Hello Kitty motif. £24.99/£33.99

8. NIKE LOGO RACERBACK ONE-PIECE Nike’s latest offering provides the ultimate performance in a lightweight, one-piece swimsuit. £33 Nike Swim at Asos



Consisting of a stretch swim fabric that dries quickly, becausen nobody wants to be sat in soggy swimwear. £66 Nike Swim at Asos







1. LEVI’S SPORTSWEAR LOGO TRACK JACKET NEW BLUE A new retro-inspired piece featuring contrasting piping, colour blocking and a vintage logo patch on the left chest. £65

2. DIESEL SCUBA ROLLTOP This backpack boasts technical coated drip-proof zippers and padded adjustable shoulder straps for support whilst carrying. £120



3. ACE & TATE COLIN If you look bad in glasses, then round-shaped Colin is for you. It’s like jeans: it suits everybody. £98

4. MEN’S UA MOJO RUNNING SHOES Soft textile upper provides an extremely comfortable fit and feel, while full-length rubber outsole provides optimal traction. £45



Hoodie features UA Microthread technology in the fabric, which dries faster, doesn’t cling to you or chafe and which stretches without absorbing sweat. £65/£42


7. NIKE RUSH OMBRE BREAKER 9” TRUNK These combine performance and comfort in a durable swim trunk for everyday wear. The trunk’s waistband is crafted with elastic stretch. It has a built-in mesh brief for support. £41 ASOS, Wiggle and Pro Swimwear

8. ADIDAS X RAF SIMONS OZWEEGO III A cult silhouette on the streetwear scene, the ‘Dad shoe’ is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. £289 various

9. HOLIDAY BOILEAU SLIM-FIT PRINTED COTTON-JERSEY T-SHIRT This pink t-shirt is made from soft cotton jersey and features a collegiate screen-print of white logo lettering. £55



Utilises the original features of their most iconic silhouette, the Jazz delivers a timeless style. Available in a unisex sizing range. £70




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METABOLISM Losing weight and burning fat is never easy. To help you shift any extra pounds, we rounded up the top expert nutritionists to list the 10 best ways to boost your metabolism.


EAT MORE SALMON Z Eat more fatty acids, which are found in oily fish such as Salmon, to help boost your metabolism. “The essential fats are important for your health in general, but they also slow down the rate at which the stomach empties,” explains Dr Marilyn Glenville, a leading nutritionist and author of The Natural Health Bible for Women. “This makes carbohydrates even more slow-releasing. They can make you feel fuller for longer and also control hunger.”

EAT PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL Y Muscle has a big effect on metabolism, which means you can improve it by increasing your lean muscle mass and keeping your body fat down. “Eating plenty of protein (in conjunction with exercise) will help maintain and build your muscle strength,” says Cassandra Barns, nutritionist and fitness instructor. “This is especially important if you’re cutting calories, because your body may start breaking down your muscle tissue for energy – eating more protein can


SAY HELLO TO APPLE CIDER VINEGAR W Add some apple cider venegar to your shipping list. “Add a couple of tablespoons to a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before your dinner,” says Pippa Campbell, nutritionist and weight-loss coach. “This will not only boost your metabolism, but it will help to curb your appetite. It’s also a great addition to salad dressings, too!”.

3 4 EMBRACE HIIT Y High Intensity Interval Training boosts your metabolism. “HIIT causes you to consume more oxygen and make your cells powerhouses; the mitochondria work harder to burn energy, preserving muscle tone

SNACK ON ALMONDS X Almonds are high in essential nutrients, especially minerals and vitamins. “They are also full of nourishing healthy fats as well as being high in protein,” explains Glenville. “Fat and protein make you feel fuller for longer, which should encourage you to snack less. They also help to balance your blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.”


LEND YOUR GUT A HELPING HAND Z Digestion – including transit time through the gut – can be affected by the bacteria that live there. “A good-quality probiotic supplement could help move things along and improve digestive comfort,” explains Cassandra. Taking a probiotic supplement can help re-balance the good bacteria in your gut, support digestion



FIND YOUR FOOD INTOLERANCES Y Find what food groups work for your body by delving deeper into your DNA. Most DNA kits take a blood sample, which is then analysed by medical experts, so


24-HOUR FASTING ONCE A MONTH X No, read on...! “Twenty four-hour fasting actually sends your body into a sort of ‘shock’ mode to burn more fat, as it is searching for other sources of energy,” says Pippa. Don’t overdo it – but fasting once a month can really kick-start your metabolism.


DRINK A GLASS OF HOT WATER AND LEMON Y Making the switch from your morning latte to a cup of hot water and lemon can help to activate your digestive system for the day ahead. Alix Woods, nutritionist at Quest Nutra Pharma explains: “I switch to a healthier morning habit of having a mug of warm water and lemon. Lemons are alkalising and water is detoxifying, which is essential to hydrate all our cells. The lemons mixed with the warm temperature of the water act as a digestive aid and helps the body to eliminate toxins.”


UP YOUR MAGNESIUM INTAKE Y A magnesium supplement may be beneficial for long-term support for your metabolism. “This is especially true if you lead a stressful lifestyle or have trouble sleeping,” suggests Cassandra.



Want your kids to avoid problems such as obesity? Here are five tips to get your them exercising, and loving it…


ecently, Public Health England revealed their first ever child obesity map, which showed that nearly half of children are dangerously overweight in some parts of the UK. In fact, nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese and younger generations are becoming obese at earlier ages and staying obese for longer. Many of these children can expect to remain obese as adults, which could cut their overall life expectancy by up to 10 years. Clearly, getting children involved in physical activity at a young age has never been more important. And if you can get children active from a young age, studies show that you can embed good habits for life. Justine Williams is the global business development manager for BORN TO MOVE™, the Les Mills programme made specially to inspire young people to fall in love with physical activity. She says that for fitness to be appealing to young

people, the whole approach needs to be rethought. “It’s about finding ways to take the effort out of physical activity and make it fun.,” she says. Here, she shares her top five tips for getting kids to exercise…and love it! MAKE IT FUN When activity is fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise. This is especially important for young children between two and six. Justine says the key for getting children to move more is to make exercise an imaginative story, with movement cues woven throughout. For example, picking apples off a tree or crawling on the floor like an animal. As children get older, you can start incorporating elements of more traditional exercise like martial arts, plyometrics and yoga. She also suggests incorporating popular trends into classes. “At one David Lloyd club, a BORN TO MOVE instructor noticed that many children were playing with fidget spinners,” she said. “Rather than ask them to

put it away, she incorporated it into the class, seeing how many kids could keep the toy spinning while performing other movements. It worked perfectly!” GET INVOLVED As a parent, it’s important to participate in activities with your children. One way is to get involved in a class together at your local gym or leisure centre. If you can’t make it to a class, consider virtual class options, widely available online or via services like Les Mills On Demand. “You can just put on a class on your TV at home and do the class together,” says Justine. You can also do an activity challenge together, such as a fun run or charity walk. Consider Parkrun, free weekly 5K runs that happen all over the country. You can check out their website to find one near you. Play catch in the park, ride bicycles together or try indoor rock climbing. “Doing things together can make a big difference.”


SLEEP TIGHT! Did you know that your snacking habits can have an influence over the health of your sleeping patterns. Here are five essentials to help!

FOCUS ON MOVEMENT, NOT TECHNIQUE The reality is not every child will have a natural aptitude for sport. However, Justine stressed that the objective should be “physical literacy” not sporting ability. “Physical activity should not be reliant on any skill level,” she says. “We just need to encourage kids to move. If they learn to express themselves on a physical platform, they will develop a lifelong love of movement.” She adds that many kids are leaving primary school unable to catch a ball. When thinking about getting kids involved in exercise, the focus should be on very basic movements like jumping, running and catching. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Physical activity doesn’t need to be rooted in gym-based exercise. Justine suggests finding unique ways to incorporate activity into your life. For example, why not park a little further away from the school and walk together with your

child? She also says not to worry about rainy or windy days. “The weather is not an excuse. Get some weather-appropriate clothes and get outside.” If you must stay indoors, try making a circuit or a structure in the lounge with blankets and pillows from the sofa. “You only need a few minutes for activity to be valuable,” she says. GET KIDS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP Kids love to be in charge. Put the power back in their hands. “In David Lloyd clubs, we encourage children to bring ideas for new games and activities to our classes,” she says. “They are then encouraged to teach the class their game, which drives greater engagement and interest.” She also says the classes incorporate practising routines or dances to perform in front of each other, turning exercise into a friendly competition. “When the activity is driven by the children, it makes a huge difference.” With childhood obesity levels on the rise, increased physical activity is needed more than ever. The good news, says Justine, is that kids want to be active. “We need to listen to our kids and let them be free. Run outside, climb trees, play in fields. We’re creating a risk nation. The obesity crisis is real. We have to listen to our children and start breaking down the barriers.”

Oats Oats provide slow-releasing carbohydrates, which help keep your blood sugar stable overnight. They’re also classed in herbal medicine as a ‘nervine’ – a substance that helps calm the nerves. Bone broth Traditionally prepared bone broth is super-high in glycine, an amino acid that’s been found to improve the quality of sleep and help us feel more refreshed the next day. For a bedtime drink, sip on some warmed broth with a dash of lemon juice. Natural yoghurt Yoghurt boasts a good balance of carbohydrates and protein to help keep blood sugar stable overnight. It’s a good source of tryptophan – the amino acid that converts into serotonin and melatonin to help us feel calm and sleepy. Buckwheat Buckwheat is a great source of magnesium for calming and relaxing the muscles and the mind, helping you to wind down from a hectic day. Sour cherries Sour or ‘tart’ cherries contain small amounts of melatonin – the natural chemical that helps bring on sleep. Don’t go for the standard sweet cherries, as they won’t have the same benefits: look for dried sour cherries to snack on. Words: Cassandra Barns


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Ever since a tabloid newspaper broke the story of rapper and grime icon Stormzy taking Prince William through his paces at the £3,000/ year Chelsea Harbour Club, the subject of the musician’s fitness has been high on the agenda. “To be frank, it’s important for me in terms of keeping straight,” he says. “I’ve had dark times in my life that I’ve needed to find a route away from, and nothing has come close to solving those issues in my mind than health and fitness – nothing at all.” Referencing a well-publicised battle back from depression whilst noting his own vulnerability at potentially falling back into “the darkness”, the 24-year-old’s pursuit of high-octane workouts is doubtless the fullest release from a career that, along with all the trappings of money and fame, also offers anxiety and pressure in abundance. From squats, crunches to free weights and track work, Stormzy’s passion for fitness isn’t pigeon-holed like a number of other celebrity names. “I need to have variety otherwise I can lose focus,” he says. “For me, mixing it up is not only good for the mind, but it means my whole body is responding to different challenges, and that’s what I need. “That said, I never want to dress it up to be something it’s not. I’m not posing – staying fit is just a process.” Stormzy’s girlfriend, Maya Jama, is another passionate advocate of an all-fit lifestyle, and the rapper admits he sometimes struggles to keep pace. “We’re not in competition but it’s good to have someone pushing you along – everyone needs that, in any walk of life.” Perhaps the one issue with 6ft 5in Stormzy is his inability to accept anything less than perfection, fitness included. “I find it strange and uncomfortable to aim for anything less than the greatest,” he offers, with typical bravado. “That doesn’t even make sense for me, that. “If I was going to be an engineer or I was going to be a baker, or I was going to be a fireman, why would I not aim to eventually be the

greatest at my job? “I’ve never understood why I should just try and be the best rapper in London, or even the best rapper in the UK. I don’t want to be the best rapper in the UK. I want to be the best artist in the UK.” Does that include being the fittest in the gym? We’re unsure. Yet by virtue of the 24-year-old’s physique, he can’t be far away. Stormzy continues to move his booming fusion of urban sound forward in 2018. He’s headlining the Wireless Festival in July and has other major outdoor appearances booked across Scandinavia and mainland Europe. While still mainly showcasing established tracks from last year’s platinum-selling debut album Gang Signs & Prayers, it’s rumoured that a slew of new material is close to completion, although in the modern version of the music business their release will be kept tight-lipped until the last possible moment. Outside of home comforts, the rapper’s pursuit of the US market continues, but it’s a tough nut to crack, as numerous British rap and grime artists have discovered – Dizzee Rascal and Skepta to name but two.



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AB rolls are a great way of building the core you want, and Bodysculpture’s new Power Roller is a gamechanger when it comes to getting those all-important gains. Fun to use, it has a built-in steel coil that provides resistance on the way out, and assistance on the way back, to ensure an effective, dynamic workout every time. Try this quick body blast workout using the Bodysculpture Power Roller. Beginners can start with shorter roll outs, the pros among you can do a full roll out, and the very brave can attempt from a press-up position on your toes!





5. 20 SECONDS MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS The Power Roller has a computer to count your reps and calories burnt as well as a timer, so you can set your own goals or compete with your friends for the most reps in the quickest time.





air loss can be caused by many factors, including ill-health, stress and chemo, leading to a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and morale. Yet now is the time to address those concerns, if you’re remotely worried about your hair or scalp. With a highly-respected career of more than 18 years of specialising in hair and scalp issues, the Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic is run by hair-loss expert Sean-Jordan Baruch, who is as highly acclaimed globally as much as he is nationally among his client database, which includes many famous faces. Sean-Jordan leads the team of highly experienced doctors who are all General Medical Council (GMC) registered and specialise in various forms of hair loss. Operating in a discreet location with private parking, the clinic is conveniently situated between Leeds and Bradford. Sean-Jordan offers a warm welcome and reassuring, sound advice, whilst ensuring the best possible outcome for his clientele. “Here at the Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic, we really do encourage anyone to come and see us for a free, confidential consultation and microscopic scalp analysis,” he says. “This is the best way to accurately assess clients and discuss the options available to address their hair loss. YHL offers a wide range of treatments, ranging from hair transplants, nonsurgical grafting, laser hair retention therapy, volumising and micropigmentation. So if hair is thinning, becoming increasingly thin or perhaps gone completely, we can help.” The initial assessment is quick,

easy and pain free. Following a consultation, Sean-Jordan uses a high-tech microscope to analyse and evaluate which sort of hair-loss solutions are suitable. Well-known names who’ve turned to the YHL clinic for help include top rugby league player Luke Gale (right). The Castleford Tigers star, 29, underwent a hair transplant earlier this year having returned to the UK after playing in England’s 6-0 World Cup defeat to Australia, as he was unhappy with his hairline. Afterwards, Luke enthused: “Hopefully this will set an example to others that there are natural treatments available if they want to make positive changes to their lives.” Providing optimum customer service, the Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic offers clients with financial concerns an interest free payment plan called Pay As You Grow™. The unique payment plan gives clients the chance of seeing great changes with their hair with no need to pay right away. This clinic is the only one offering this forward-thinking approach in and around the UK. Sean-Jordan says: “We are open five days a week – including Saturdays – and we regularly work with women, men and children who are suffering from thinning hair to complete baldness, may it be hereditary, post-pregnancy or the result of chemotherapy. Whatever the worry with hair loss, we’d love to help! We strongly believe in ending hair loss, and changing lives. For more information, visit www.yorkshirehairreplacementclinic. or call 0113 2553014 for more information.





ot requesting help for fear of ‘not putting anyone out’ is a common British trait. We take our stiff upper lips, our sarcasm and our patriotism and we just crack on trying to solve our own problems as best we can. But there is a much better way. Whether we are referring to business or personal issues, the old wives’ tale was right – a problem shared is most certainly a problem halved. Nowhere does this ring more true than within the health and fitness world. Ever wonder how Weight Watchers and Slimming World persuade millions of people to go to their local village hall every Tuesday and pay

£5 to stand on some scales? Did you ever stop to think how CrossFit gets millions of people to head to their nearest industrial estate to voluntarily participate in hell-onearth style workouts every day? While we are at it, why on earth did 309 Carlisle United fans drive over 500 miles to watch their team play in Cheltenham on a bank holiday weekend? …because they are all part of a group! Human beings achieve far more if they are part of a group and this is widely known by organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, The Suffragettes, The Armed Forces and

ermmm… Hugh Hefner to name just a few. Hollywood may have us believe that Sylvester Stallone could take on an army single handed but I am afraid that is just not true… and Mr Hefner certainly needed a hand or two. Success rates go through the roof when we operate as part of a group, which is why you should get yourself a training partner, then get some more training partners, and then look at participating in some gym-based group sessions. ACCOUNTABILITY Not going to the gym is the easiest thing in the world to achieve, but if you have agreed to meet Steve at 5.45pm, and if he has sorted childcare and switched his shifts at work, you will not be popular if you bail out to watch the end of Pointless. I am pretty sure your motivation levels will rise. COMPETITION Plodding along in the gym and avoiding breaking into a sweat so you can get away without showering again is not too difficult either. But, if Gary starts curling more weight than you, and if the Cross-trainer girls appear to be giving him a bit more attention, then you will soon find that ounce of extra energy to smash him out of the park and move up to those mighty 12.5kgs after all. FUN Whether you vomit, sweat, bleed or cry after a tough workout depends on a few things, but one thing is certain – there isn’t much ‘fun’ about any of those scenarios. But when you have completely drained your tank and are struggling to lift yourself off the floor, imagine how much fun you will have watching Darren cry like a little girl before chundering into his gym bag on the way home! Next time you are planning on going to the gym, ditch the headphones and take a mate with you. If you can’t find anyone to join you, then go into a class. No matter what your goal is, there will be something appropriate where you can meet some new and like-minded people to share all of the highs and lows.





t’s fair to say that the debate about which is worse, carbohydrates or fats, has been one of the most hotly contested in the last 50 years. Of course, the question has never really been framed like that; rather there was a period of time where carbohydrates were considered ‘fattening’, then there was the low-fat period involving fat-free everything and super-high carbohydrate diets, and then the pendulum swung back to carbs.

So, which is the worst? The question suggests an underlying assumption that one of them must be bad, which is not the case. There is actually no evidence that fat or carb intake alone leads to weight gain, heart problems or diabetes. Instead, these things need to be combined with other factors, such as overeating calories, before a problem is even partially evident. Yep, the answer lies in a complex web of different factors including individual food choices, other lifestyle choices (such as exercise), genetics and other things like stress levels, and even how well you sleep. Why do all of these things matter? There are a lot of reasons, but when we look at obesity and ill health from the perspective of nutrition we see that food choice, lifestyle choices, genetics and all of the other factors play in to two very distinct things: 1 – ENERGY BALANCE 2 – NUTRIENT SUFFICIENCY

ENERGY BALANCE Calories in compared to calories burned at rest, plus calories burned while exercising, plus calories burned while fidgeting, plus calories burned during the digestion of food is THE ONLY thing that governs whether or not you gain or lose weight. Sure, if we want to be particular about it,

we can also include water in that equation, but you get my point. We need to eat in a manner that helps us to achieve a healthy weight, and that involves choosing foods that fill us up, foods that provide dependable energy and foods in appropriate portions. We then need to make sure we are active or, at worst, not sedentary. We also need to pay attention to our daily stress and sleep levels – both of these things can alter our hunger. To be clear, 70-80% of the difference that nutrition can make to your health is due to its impact upon your weight. NUTRIENT SUFFICIENCY This is achieved by eating a wellbalanced diet containing protein, carbohydrate, fat and a wide array of colourful vegetables and fruits. Protein should be an important part of each meal (even if you’re not bothered about looking like Arnold!) but after that some people may prefer more carbohydrate, others more fat. So long as you are eating 80-90% whole, unprocessed foods in line with your calorie needs, it doesn’t matter all that much for either health or body composition which way you go, just as long as you avoid the extremes. And as a final point on eating whole foods – that doesn’t mean you need to minimise or even think about sugar – sugar intake will go down as a side effect of consuming a whole-foods diet, but it’s not the primary concern. If you worry about sugar you start worrying about fruit, sweet potatoes and plain yoghurt, and that misses the point entirely. Forget sugar, think about the diet as a whole. Opt for unprocessed foods in a calorie-appropriate manner and you can’t go too far wrong. Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist (BSc, ISSN), educator, speaker and writer. He has the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’ with regular Q&A’s and expert interviews. He also runs Body Type Nutrition and owns Awesome Supplements. Connect with Ben over on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.




eing healthy: what does this actually mean? This is a really prominent thing that we’ve been talking about in the last couple of years. The extreme end of this situation is orthorexia, an eating disorder with an obsession over being healthy, but more generally, people are given too many restrictions. We see it time and again, when a coach tells a client that they’re not allowed certain things in their diet. You’re only human, and at some point there will be a lapse. People can freefall and eat everything. They can feel guilty, maybe feel reluctant to get back on the wagon, and so lead to failure, but when it comes to nutrition, we tend to be more realistic. We follow the 80/20 method; 80% of the time,

we’re good with our diets, and 20% of the time is typically classed as ‘not healthy’. This keeps you sane, and as long as you’re accountable for it you can stick to whatever your calories need to be. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy things as well. We’ve got to stop comparing ourselves to elite athletes and bodybuilders because we don’t have the same goals. We’re not trying to get to 5% body fat. People need to understand that we can have the best of both worlds. Sure, as PTs we probably train a little more than the average person because our job allows us too, but we only eat good stuff a little more than others do. It has to be a balancing act. You can’t negate your happiness and personal life.

Another one we hear a lot about is the juice diet. They’re not sustainable. They don’t teach you healthy habits and they don’t teach you how to be sustainable. Sure, you’ll lose weight if you just drink these for 30 days because you’re eating less calories, but you’re not just going to drink fluids for the rest of your life, so what happens when you stop? You haven’t learned anything that you can cross over into your life, nothing habitual that’s going to keep you healthy and happy in the long term. The word ‘diet’ says short-term effort, short-term result, so try and build your life around you, and know that that is extremely different for different people. There isn’t a one-type-fits-all approach. For some people, tracking calories and being obsessive with apps and things creates a bad relationship with food, and that’s something we’re trying to avoid, because these bad relationships usually manifest into something larger. My last point on this would be that not everything you see on social media is healthy. Some people just don’t have a clue, and what they see as good will, to most others and to science, not be healthy for you. People might promote something but there’s no small print to say ‘you’re not taking what I’m taking, it’s not the same for all people, you don’t have the time in the day that I have, trying to hold yourself to this plan is unrealistic’. And then it plays on people’s insecurities. They might look like the happiest person in the world and be aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Appearance, much like money, really doesn’t have that much effect on your happiness. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand. You are essentially the sum of all your parts, and happiness is bound in the way you choose to live your life and the relationships you choose to have and who you spend time with. What we consume and put out on social media is very important. For example, yesterday I was telling my sister that, while working out in a commercial gym, I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t go online to say commercial gyms are crap because for many that’s what they like. So, we all really need to think twice before putting stuff online.


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8-10 June Keswick Mountain Festival is your ultimate outdoors weekend. Challenge yourself with a world-class sporting event, get inspiration from top speakers Chrissie Wellington and Mark Beaumont, then finish it all off with two evenings of live music from such acts as Melanie C, Peter Hook and the Light, and festival favourites the Peatbog Faeries. The Festival attracted around 3,000 athletes in 2017 and once again all entrants will receive a T-shirt and a free concert ticket for the live music on either Friday or Saturday night. Previous headliners have included KT Tunstall, Cast, Peatbog Faeries, Scouting for Girls and Toploader. Sporting events this time include the Three Peaks Challenge, plus trail runs of varying lengths and more. There’s something for every age and ability. Soak up the festival atmosphere with friends and family whilst enjoying a refreshing pint of Timothy Taylor’s from the bar, all set to the backdrop of the Catbells and the Borrowdale Valley.

Forest Holidays are for everyone, from the very young to the very old; from families to couples to groups of friends and perfect for dogs (and their owners). The freedom, the fresh air and the forest are yours to enjoy at your own pace. Make your break as lively or leisurely as you like. Pack in activities like canoeing, kayaking, cycling, and treetop adventures. Or take it easy with leisurely walks, sensory spa treatments, and the simple luxury of time together.


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ALSO THIS MONTH... EVENTS LISTINGS Rock n Roll Liverpool 19-20 May

Starting at the Albert Docks, the marathon course heads towards the Cavern Club – home of The Beatles – before returning to the city for spectacular views of the Liverpool Skyline and River Mersey. Enjoy a free pint and concert afterwards. Edinburgh Marathon Festival 27 May

This fast and flat course is ideal if it’s your first marathon or you’re looking for a personal best. This is the second largest marathon in the UK, behind London. Choose from a range of routes, from 5k upwards. Dragon Tour 8 June

The Dragon Tour gives cyclists the chance to experience stage riding over two or three days. This year, it takes place from the Glanusk Estate at the foot of the Black Mountains. This dramatic backdrop sets the scene for three days of technically challenging and stunning cycling. The great North Swim 8-10 June

Head to Brockhole on Windermere for a weekend of open water swimming in the stunning Lake District. With distances to suit all levels and abilities, you can take your pick from 250 metres, 1/2 a mile, 1 mile, 2 miles, 5k or a 10k. The big jump for Bowel Cancer 14 July

Fancy taking part in a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet? This year there will be two big jumps on the same day, one in Peterborough, the other in Brackley. Experience the thrill of freefalling at 120mph for a rush like no other!

RESTAURANTS PitaPit Manchester Their pittas feature less carbs, lean grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and choice – over hundreds of pitta combinations. The pittas come in white and whole meal with no preservatives or additives, and they’re all natural and 100% vegan. Banyan Leeds Try their series of new Healthy Specials,

in which they have sourced a selection of healthy and nutritious ingredients to create dishes for you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, including some delicious vegan options.

OTHER EVENTS Tim Peake’s Space Craft 10 March-13 May, Museum of Science & Industry

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the capsule astronaut in which Tim Peake travelled back down to earth. The Soyuz decent capsule is at the museum until 13 May at the Museum of Science and Industry. Just So Festival 17-19 August

Just So Festival enables families to step into a wonderland of world-class literature, arts, theatre, dance, music, comedy and creative pursuits. Expect magical midnight feasts, curious creatures, raucous pillow fights, hidden retreats and breath-taking beauty. Vegan Festival 14 July–22 September

The festivals are held around the UK and have a huge selection of cruelty-free foods, drinks and clothing along with information on veganism and interesting speakers. This is one for all those interested in taking the next step to veganism or a lifestyle that promotes health and the environment. Northern Vegan Festival 7 April, Manchester

The festival will have 200 stalls, 10 world food caterers, inspirational talks, innovative and exciting cookery demos, children’s activities, yoga, free samples and a huge seated cafe area.

WELLNESS HOLIDAYS Discover Ferries to Ireland, France and more

It’s national Ferry Fortnight this October and you can either save money by swapping four wheels for two, or attach your bike to your car to experience the great outdoors in Holland, France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and more. Beics Brenin Activity Centre, Snowdonia Experienced riders with a hankering for a challenge should head for the Beics Brenin activity centre in Snowdonia’s Coed y Brenin forest. There are several black trails to try, including the 30km-long Beast.





his month, I’m going to be discussing detox methods for getting toxins out of the body. As you might have read in the papers recently, I’ve been ill for the last few years, essentially having been poisoned by my silicone breast implants. The most effective way to tackle symptoms was to try to be in a constant detox to remove the toxins coming from the silicone, a losing battle I’d later find out, but it taught me a few things in the process! So, I’m going to discuss a few of the most effective ways I encountered on my way... 1. Drinking enough water. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but your body needs water to flush out all the toxins you’ve brought into the bloodstream. 2. Hot/cold therapy. Find a steam room, which I prefer personally, or a sauna, and repeat periods in the heat followed by ice cold showers. If you can stay in the heat long enough to get your heart rate up to a decent level it is far more effective, as more blood is pumped around the body to remove toxins. Needless to say, drink a lot of water for this to work well! 3. Fasting. As long as the body is processing food/drink/calories it cannot remove toxins efficiently at the same time, so enduring periods of fasting gives the systems of the body a rest and allows detoxification to occur. I only go maybe a day occasionally or a bit longer but my partner who introduced me to it regularly does

“AS LONG AS THE BODY IS PROCESSING FOOD/DRINK/CALORIES IT CANNOT REMOVE TOXINS EFFICIENTLY AT THE SAME TIME” seven days on just water for an aggressive cleanse. Not for me, but I have come across quite a few advocates of it. Some people even do 14 days! I think it’s important to view it as a tool to detoxify the body when you feel bogged down or bloated, not part of a regular diet/routine. It does work very effectively, though. 4. Diets that detox you in the short term. The only thing I have found harder than fasting is the anti-fungal diet, as you must eat vegetables and herbs that kill bad bacteria in the body. The removal of so many toxins over a short period can trigger many different symptoms/reactions, as bad bacteria releases toxins into the blood stream when it dies. On top of that, we’re talking about eating raw onion and garlic, which is not pleasant I assure you! 5. Exercise! An obvious one, but it’s all about the type of exercise you do. High-intensity exercise forces more oxygen into the body than steadystate exercise and oxygen is one of the most powerful detoxifiers for the body. On top of that, it stimulates a desirable hormonal response in the

body, in particular growth hormone. Even keeping workouts as short as 15-20 minutes of high intensity intervals would make you feel far better than an hour going through the motions, jogging etc. 6. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Now this is the holy grail of detox. The chamber you sit in for the treatment drops you down to mimic 15-20 metres under sea level or whatever depth is desired, and then you breath through an oxygen mask. The external pressure forces the oxygen into all the tissues/cells of the body and the raised oxygen lasts for 48 hours, during which you feel quite amazing. 7. Supplement with MSM, the best detox supplement out there. The best dietary sources of MSM are garlic, onions and pine nuts. The only problem is, once you cook them you kill all the sulphur content. And how often do you eat bags of pine nuts? The majority of people, almost everyone, is deficient in sulphur, and MSM is the best way to remedy it. The reason is that soil quality is just no good anymore and the foods we grow lack the minerals they used to have. Interestingly, there are studies to support that MSM is more effective for arthritic pain than taking painkillers. It increases the flexibility of the bonds between muscle fibres, which in turn eases the pressure across the joints from tight muscles and therefore decreases joint pain. It really is a wonder supplement and it’s made from 100% organic food.





t’s that time of year again, Easter eggs and chocolate found on every aisle in our supermarkets, it can be hard to resist! So who else has been guilty of over indulging over the past couple of weeks? Don’t lie, I know I have. It’s ok to have a blowout every now and again, and it is something

we all do, but over holiday periods like Christmas and Easter we tend to overdo it. And scoffing down all this sugar-filled chocolate along with little or no exercise means that all of that excess sugar will then be stored as fat. I think by now we all know the risks that too much sugar has on our health but here are a few to jog your memory:

• Diabetes • Increased risk of cancer • Fatty Liver • Raises Cholesterol • Tooth Decay • It can also become addictive, putting our bodies at higher risk of the above. Ok you’re probably thinking, ‘chill Kurt, I’ve only been eating chocolate for a week!’ But it’s my job to tell you to put the chocolate down and get back to your training. If you’re guilty of over-indulging, then it’s time to increase your workout intensity. The harder you work, the more you get your heart rate up therefore burning more calories and fat. I’ve devised a quick high-intensity circuit for you to do before your regular workout that will contribute to burning off those excess calories and eat into those fat stores. 8-12 reps per exercise and repeat circuit 4 times – no rest in-between! • Kettle bell Goblet Squat • Press Ups • Alternating lunges • Alternating Wood chops – dumbbell • Squats • Burpees If you would like some more information or advice on diet or how to lead a healthier lifestyle then get in touch with the BESTFIT team and we can get you the help and advice you need.


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BESTFIT Magazine issue 37  

We're back, with exclusive interviews with Meghan Markle, Stormzy and more. Healthy recipes, nutrition advice, fashion tips, workouts and mo...

BESTFIT Magazine issue 37  

We're back, with exclusive interviews with Meghan Markle, Stormzy and more. Healthy recipes, nutrition advice, fashion tips, workouts and mo...