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Would you go Freegan?

As part of research for her latest film role actress Ellen Page (star of Juno) went freegan. The freegan philosophy is centered around the practice of salvaging discarded items in a bid to reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, reclaim, and so on. With Ellen’s new film ‘The East’ as inspiration, in which she plays an environmental activist, we ask would you go freegan?

What is Freegan? The definition of freegan according to is this: “Freegans practice strategies for everyday living based on sharing resources, minimising the detrimental impact of our consumption, and reducing and recovering waste.”

Practices can take the form of salvaging still-useable goods which are headed for landfill like furniture, textiles and food. Foraging and building sustainable communities is also encouraged by freegans who believe in using resources to their fullest in order to not exploit people, land, animals or the sea. Taking on the freegan way of living definitely has its merits but for many I think it will seem unglamorous, extreme and unpractical. Would you eat food that’s been discarded into a bin? Let us know your thoughts by Tweeting @bestecoshop.

Practices to Inspire While going completely freegan may not be something employed by the masses, here’s some things we all should be doing.


Did you know that 50% of the food we purchase ends up wasted! (Source: Love Food Hate Waste) As well as being a drain on our money this impacts the environment greatly. The advice is simple. Eat up! Plan meals ahead before you shop and make the most of any leftovers by transforming them into new tasty dishes. Here’s some easy ideas to try by BBC Food. For any food scraps and inedible waste like skins and peel be sure to compost them. The compost created can be used to grow new food sources like potatoes. Alternatively, place your scraps in a kerbside caddie so that your local authority can dispose of it correctly.


Small changes to habits around the home like switching off the television when you leave the room, investing in LED lighting and reusing and mending items all helps to prevent wastage of resources.


Recycling plastics, glass, cardboard, aluminium and paper should really be second nature to us by now. To take your saving habits a step further look to save water in the home with a flow regulator and in the garden. For more information about putting the environment first. Visit bestECOshop at , be sure to visit our blog for our latest news and information at

Would you go freegan  
Would you go freegan  

An interesting insight into the new way of eating, termed as Freegan.