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What Methods can the Debt Collectors Use to Sue the Debtors In spite of the existence of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, still statistics reveals that there are many issues of the illegal methods adopted by the collectors. Almost 60,000 debtors have complained to the FTC about the harassment which they have faced from the creditors and the number keeps on increasing with time. Let get a rough idea about the ways in which we might get affected due to creditor harassments: • Wage Garnishment, a major threat to the struggling borrowers, where the court allows the creditors to seize the paychecks of the debtors. • A court judgment in favor of the creditors can hit the consumers with skyrocketing interest rates and legal fees. • The problems might grow if the debtors do not respond sufficiently to the creditor calls. In reality the debtors need to develop self resistant tactics in order to deal with the abuses of the creditors. The list of some of these methods that the scurrilous creditors follow can act as a proper guideline to have a better encounter with the debt collectors: § The debt collectors may threat that your property can be confiscated on non payment of debts which is far moved from reality if there exists a mortgage or a home equity loan to protect your property. § The threat that the debtor might land up in jail which is untrue as well for non payment or delaying of payments is not a criminal act. § In some states like Florida, creditors cannot communicate with the debtors once they have received a cease and desist letter from the debtors; rather the debtors should remind the collectors that calling them after receiving such letters is a serious breach of law. § FTC receives an umpteen number of complaints where the collectors have resorted to violence to get back their due but in reality there is no existence of any law which supports violence on the debtors as a money recovering tactic. § Using profanity must be avoided especially at work and it should be brought to the notice of the law if you have been victimized in any way. The FDCPA has few regulations for the representatives of the debt collection department, but there are other consumer laws which can protect the debtors from the illegal debt collection practices of the creditors. Getting off the abuses of the debt collectors may be difficult but one needs to get sufficiently educated to counter the forces of these illegal activities.

What Methods can theDebt Collectors Use to Sue the Debtors  

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