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Urgent Reasons for Having Your Credit Ratings Checked Your credit card is the key element of your financial career and future which determines the lender’s and creditor’s behavior towards lending you the desired loan or credit. It also acts as an important source of information and details that update you about your financial status and help you to control your finances. Thus it is of utmost significance to get your credit ratings checked once awhile for the following noticeable reasons: • It gives you the snapshot of all outstanding credit and how well one’s managing it. It maintains your credit accounts and the status at one place, to save you the trouble of digging out for them. • Apart from the data of loans and mortgages, it also lists details of mobile phone, shopping catalogues and utilities, giving you the bigger picture of your finance in minutes. • As you have all details and information about your credit score in hand with the help of your checked credit report, you can now plan your credit applications with greater confidence. It is helpful to monitor the records regularly to show the same to your employer and landlords if needed. • It acts like a fall back option in case you lose your necessary details and records, as these records cannot be lost from the database of the system. • It is a source of other invaluable information and facts like the addresses of the residences where the holder have lived at in last 6 years. The same can be required to fill up important forms and documents. • It also lists all records of credit applications made in last 12 months, for your personal references and future prospects in case of reapplying to further loans and credit. • Checking your credit ratings would make sure that no creditor has misinterpreted a credit statement or any request for information as full application, as multiple applications make discrepant notions about the holder. • Regular checking also assures that you can emit all clerical errors, misstatements or misunderstandings from your report, so they cannot have a negative impact upon your credit score. You can get it done by contacting the relevant lender or credit bureau. Thus one should never hesitate before checking one’s credit ratings as many times as needed in times of necessity or urgency, which is required to prove your statement or intention.


Urgent Reasons for Having Your Credit Ratings Checked