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Re-Industrialization of America to Fight Debt Issues Various situational troubles and financial shortcomings have actually crippled America’s economy since 2001. Adding to this dismay, is the recent national and consumer debts, that each citizen is fighting against to make their ends meet, with the help of various debt settlement companies and debt management plans; but the injury caused by these collective economic diseases have actually contaminated the other nation building factors and economic aspects by far and large. Since long years of administration, American government have paid no heed to the creation of new industries, which in turn create new employment avenues to relieve people from joblessness and eventually personal debts and monetary deprivation. The industrial base of America which was built during the war and post war years has now taken a backseat of ignorance due to the erroneous political and financial perceptions and actions. We have taken the main engine of US industrial root for granted since a long time, which actually made it sink and withered, that every time we try to jumpstart it, it emits a lot of smoke and dies. It creates an useless financial bubble each time, the US government tries to jumpstart the engine of economic industries, as in spite of injecting a lot of money, it goes nowhere it needs to, producing a myth of prosperity to the outer world but in actuality the money goes away to speculative investments from sustainable ventures. Ultimately as a result U.S. is left with just destruction and delusion and no new industries, no new businesses and no real sustainable wealth. Governmental policies like tax cuts, easy credit policies, speculative investments and other financial flaws have made the authorities neglect investments in productive economic sources like infrastructure, education and employment generation etc, which ended us in deeper debts and financial dilemma. The current economic situation is dismal with growing debts and financial insolvency with a fear of complete collapse of nation’s economic system. As the US credit based economy is at its full capacity, it high time to create new sources of energy to reform the economy, by creating new industries like alternative energy, synthetic fuels and such, which will generate renewed wealth and prosperity needed to fight away the debt accumulation of years. The greatness of US is not just the result of its financial speculation but also depended upon the country’s industrial powers of production and export of its products. The ways that the industries can gain back its shine and fame are through producing technological innovations, increased production with lower costs of production, reducing labor expense and wages. It is high time that all Americans should put their hands together to rebuild the nation based upon healthy economy, industrialization, education and productivity that collectively will drive away the heaps and piles of debts and fiscal deficits from the face of our country.


It is high time that all Americans should put their hands together to rebuild the nation based upon healthy economy, industrialization, educ...

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