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How much do you Value Your Money? Find Out some true facts. The most common and sought for answer to the above mentioned question would come as “Very Much”, but strangely enough we are the same people who claim that our money means a lot to us, who do not give a second thought before dropping a fortune on simply the most unnecessary object. Thus before gaining knowledge about the processes of proper investments, money-management and leveraging debts, one needs to answer this question honestly to himself ‘how much does one value one’s money?’ it has got nothing to do with spending habits or consumerism or living a lavish and luxurious life, but is concerned with what does an individual think about his money, how does he appreciate it and how much does he value and respect the worth of possessing it. However, few logical questions and their respective answers would help us to analyze our own attitude towards money and would guide us towards a better financial future before it’s too late. The first question whose answer would determine your money’s value can be: ‘what you do at the day when you get your paycheck’. Whether you spend the whole lot at one go immediately buying frivolous stuffs, or you save the half of it with the rest half paying the bills and loans can say a lot about how much does your money means to you. The way you handle and treat your paycheck and the amount of money you save for future tells about your financial standing. One can learn a lot by carefully and honestly contemplating his actions and behaviors towards his paychecks. The nest question with a determining answer can be: ‘how often do you buy petty items’. This suggests so much about one’s frivolous attitude towards cash and impulsive buying nature, as much about how long can one hold on the money in hand against those giddy but hollow consumer temptations in the nearby grocery shops. Try to count and assess how many times you buy things and stuffs that you hardly use or use for once or twice and how much money do you often spend for the same. This would remind you of your sincerity or insincerity towards your money which would seal your future financial fate. The next and the trickiest question will be: ‘how do you react when a friend asks for monetary help from you’. It is important to judge your immediate reaction and action at being asked for a financial help by a friend, as this would define your judgmental abilities and balancing skills to decipher the urgency of the needed amount. Whether the money is being used to pay for a trivial reason or it is required for an emergency would depend on your knowledge and wisdom. One would handle the situation according to the value his money would hold for him.


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