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Debt as a Threat to Our Morality: Check its crawling steps Just like money acts as a driving force of human entity so is Debt that may cause much more than the apparent damages in our life and society. Shortage or lack of financial freedom causes an offensive feeling of deprivation that the person tries to do away with as soon as possible by acquiring money by either hook or by crook, at times! The very moment when we come to know the value and significance of those green notes, we start chasing and craving for it headlong till the last day of our life, often forgetting the lesser ecstasies of life that come cheap! As a result the serpents of extravagances and greed for material possession creeps into us making us indulged in expensive consumerism, often at a cost of our common sense and conscious thinking. Our gripping habit of Credit Card over-usage and spendthrift tendencies, drive us uncontrollably towards debt and bankruptcies. As a result we fall neck deep in debt, unable to find a way out and land in a dead end, where we owe heavy debt amounts to numerous lenders and creditors who make our life next to hell. At many cases, the desperate debtors finding no other way to get out of their overwhelming debts, tend to take illegal actions likes frauds and forgery and get involved in crimes like abduction, treachery, theft and robbery too ! It often happens that when someone who led a well-off financial life in past, falls downhill to sudden poverty due to debt, the debtor looses his/her mind and judgment, and take some drastically disastrous decisions that land them in further trouble and embarrassments. According to psychologists, often chronic debtors show signs of ‘Masochism’ or inhumanity, when pushed to the wall by the creditors, as overwhelming debts create enormous tensions and mental strains that sometimes rob the debtors of their moral character and sense of acumen. Under such harsh financial deficit, the debtors lack right perception towards money and worse even loose a chunk of their sanity! But it would be surprising to know that, regardless of the retreating morality as a result of indomitable debt, people’s attitude towards the phenomena remains indifferent and casual! To some extent the various debt relief options and inventions of credit card has made the debtor more adventurous and greedy, as if they are not yet tired of experimenting with the ebbs and tides of money and poverty.

Debt A Threat To our Morality  

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