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The old cliché of “there are plenty of fish in the sea” is getting a make-over. That’s right, looking for love has changed and more people are finding their potential mates online with the use of online dating web site to start. In the year of 2011, there were a lot of studies conducted that shows a large population of Baby Boomers are interesting in online dating and it was this year that it reached its peak! In the United States today, 30% of the total population of Baby Boomers are single and the most convenient way of looking for the better half for them is online. In recent years, adult online dating sites have started to sprout like mushrooms in the online world to provide lonely people in the world the service of finding their love. The generation of today seems to follow this easily and there are a lot of sites that provides this sort of service for free. Looking for someone to love has never been easier. With online dating through networking sites, people are able to see and find what a person is like first before engaging on an emotional and financial investment on them. People now have pages of them available online providing personal information that others may find interesting, if not irresistible. Online dating sites allow their members to post their information and photos online and connect them to the other people who are looking for love as well. People can search for their potential lovers by inputting certain criterion such as age, gender and location. Members have their own photos on their profile page so other people can see what they look like and their information can be read by others to find out if they too something in common. This way, a person can easily send the other person a message and that perhaps - is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Chatting such as video chat and voice chat are also becoming available to these online dating

sites today. Enabling future couples to converse in real time no matter where they are what their time zones could be. There are message boards, blogs and so much more to make interacting online enjoyable and entertaining. Match making online seem to be ‘in’ thing today and there are a lot of people and couples who benefitted on this service. So don’t fret if your current relationship is not working out like you wanted to remember ‘There are plenty of fish online!”.

There are plenty of fish in online dating web site!