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Meeting women can be more challenging than, say, rocket science, especially when men initiate most of the pickups. Bars can be like finding your way in the dark because you really have no idea if you have anything in common with the girls that you meet there. Hooking up with a girl from a one night stand website offer a better option, but you have to go through a process of knowing them by shooting back electronic messages before the initial meeting, which can take a long time. Men are always in the unenviable position of being constantly ignored or rejected when hooking up at a one night stand website or even a bar for that matter. But the truth is women are all around us. You can meet one not just in a bar or a one night stand website, but in every place we go to everyday. Here are a few places where you can meet a potential partner. • The Gym – This is one of the easiest to meet one of you play it right. You have the perfect reason to be near her—you’re waiting in line to use a machine. A nice plus is you are both interested in getting fit, which means you’re both hot and sweaty and oozing with endorphins. A word of caution

though: Wait till she finishes working out before you make your move, and make sure she’s not in an inappropriate position while you make comments about her sensitive body parts. • The Grocery Store – This is an exceptionally easy place to pick up women because there are loads of things to ask her about that can help you start a conversation. • Art Museum Shindigs – If you are more into artists than pop stars, then an art museum is the most ideal place to pick up artsy-fartsy types. Not only is it highly probable she’s cultured, but she may be a seasoned traveler, intelligent and quirky. • A Music Festival or Concert – This can be a place where you can easily start a conversation when you know you both have excellent taste in music and you are both fans of the band. • The Laundromat – This is also a great place to meet women as evidenced in the movies and TV shows. It takes 30 minutes to wash a load and another 45 minutes to dry, so you have plenty of time to “work your charm.”

Places to Meet Women Outside of a One Night Stand Website