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Reaching out may not be easy to some and can have some attachment with emotions but what we are going to discuss today is that sending emails to these women or men is nothing more than a game of numbers. But before typing out the first letter of your email to these people, you need to first identify what sort of people you want to target so that these people will be the ones responding. If you’re a straight man and want to hook up with women without any strings attached then you would like to target women who are very busy. Think of career women who are at the peak of their career and are too busy for any dates or relationships, preferably 30 and older. You can also picture women who travel a lot, single mothers because biologically speaking, their clock is ticking faster and you want to take advantage of that. Most cougars don’t want to deal with crap and skip the bullshit to get to the point. They would hit on a 20 something male and won’t apologize for it. Those are the women you may want to send mails to. Online hookups at this rate should be easy. Now is the time to launch those emails but wait, what about the structure? Make your emails unique and it should have something about you. It could be your physique, career, interests and even hobbies or some of the travels and adventures you’ve had. This is very useful as it will help you have a wide choice of material to choose from when you are for that first mail of online hookups. It short, specific, a little bit intriguing and should also call women to action. A three to five lines should do the trick. It is crucial as the women you are targeting don’t have time to read long emails. Also remember that it’s about her so never cut and paste anything about you. Never copy and paste generic greeting – women can be quite perceptive. Just pick one thing from her profile and comment on it. Don’t be obsessive but you should be attentive. While you want them to know that you noticed them, you also want them to notice you. So be intriguing, a little bit complex. Now get something that will make them click your profile, like saying you like hiking and that you have the photos to back it up.

Online hookups guide to your first email