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Well, some of us are just retarded that they don’t know how to flirt with online hookups potentials and they creep women out. This is a very amateur and creepy way and most importantly, it won’t help you so you need to educate yourself in order to be smooth it out, hopefully it would land you on a bed with the woman. First of all, remember your goal, if you have to pray it every morning like mantra do it, your goal is to sleep with women, not marry them, give them unwanted kids to rear and not a long-term relationship. If you want a relationship, you shouldn’t be reading about online hookups guides in the first place. When communicating with lady, make sure that you don’t want any strings attached but don’t go and directly say it, there are a lot of smooth ways to do it. With the communication at hand, you need to create a higher level of intimacy between you two. So start by being nice, read her profile and study it. The first thing to do is to spark up a good conversation about something light, nothing heavy or anything serious, make it humorous and something that she would respond to. Why not try commenting on something that’s on her profile or about her interests and hobbies. Try to look for something in common. To turn her on, you need to talk about Her and less about you. This is a technique that Casanova and Don Juan have used in the past and really it worked! Now you need to apply this to your life as well. Your messages should convey that you are genuinely interested in her and at the same time instilling her and priming her for the hookup. You can go ahead and add her on your IM list once things are starting to heat up, know when she tends to sign up, is she a morning person? Afternoon girl or is she nocturnal? Chat with her for 30 minutes and cut it off, make her want for more. Cut off your conversation by telling her you are going to do something else or you have to go somewhere and would like to chat with her again soon. By making her want more of you, you can heighten it up when you think the time is right and maybe you can even ask for her number and call her for a date. You’re just one more step closer to your online hookups experience.

Online Hookups Guide to Flirting with Women