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Want to enter the world of online hookups? Whether you are a straight or gay man you should follow certain rules and advice to make your experience enjoyable and safe. Remember that this involves two people or sometimes more and considering just yourself is often isn’t enough. You should also think about the other person and not just your safety and pleasure. My Place or Your Place? This is often a question asked, if you offered to have it at your place and the other one agreed then safety measures should be observed. Protect the family jewels, then gather your treasures like keys, wallet, cash etc in one safe place. Don’t forget to check the bathroom too. If in the case that you are the one heading out then always travel light. It’s always better to start off relaxes than be stressed when you’re done. Never be a poser Post the truth in online hookup sites and the others will appreciate it. You can use screen names to protect yourself too but information about vital statistics and height should only be the truth. Your age should also be in the light of truth in this matter. You don’t have to be a prince but being kind is a plus Treat all men and women equally and be kind to them. There are a lot of smooth ways to turn someone down and say no, learn it and make use of it. Party and Play? If you PnP and the other doesn’t, it would help that you don’t introduce the other with it or show him new ways to do it. Both of you would like to get laid and nothing more. You don’t want to introduce anyone to a bad habit and a bad influence. Backpacked strangers Beware of these people especially if they are coming over at your place. Sometimes they tend to borrow stuff without telling you. Playing it Safe STDs are a fact of life and no one is immune against them. The more often that you hookup then the more often as you get yourself checked too. If it happens that you have obtained one then be courteous to your past sex partners that you acquired it and that they should get themselves checked too. Online hookups are great, quick and satisfying only if you take these advices to heart and respect the other. Be nice and play it safe.

Online Hookups Advice for the Hook