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There are so many possibilities out there, it gets overwhelming at times, doesn’t it? It seems like our personal image isn’t the exception and so, we are provided with a multitude of options to present ourselves in front of the opposite sex and/or our peers. Let’s dwell, for a while on the topic of pubic and other hairs on our body. Should you go down the neanderthal route and just let it all hang out or should you, on the other hand, take the most modern approach and rid yourself of all hair? Each style has its pros and its cons, which we stand to discuss in this dating tips article we provide to you again. Nature intended men, in general, to be hairy and musky… that is one of the main traits that differentiate them from women, physically speaking. For many women, all this bodily hair is actually a desirable thing and makes them feel they’re with a more masculine guy. Some dudes even take advantage of it and go the macho man way and unbutton their shirts to show their hairy chests. As tacky as you might find this practice, there are women who actually fall for it. But it gets complicated with some guys who are a sort of lost link in the evolution chain and are completely covered with hair, even on their back…. when the lines between man and ape are blurry, the possibility of shaving or waxing becomes a need. And boy you need to do that as soon as possible or you will not get a laid from the women of your dreams. You see, there’s a whole other group of women who can’t stand hair and want it totally off their guys…From mustache to hair chest down to the balls and ass! Painful you might ask? Why lie… yes, it’s like taking a band-aid off, times a hundred! We’re speaking of waxing of course, which is the alternative that offers you the most benefits if you decide to go bare. Shaving is for our grandparents and it only gives you approximately 8 hours of smoothness before stubs start coming out again. So definitely wax so you can show off that tone you’ve

been working so hard for at the gym and an added benefit…since hair holds odor and you won’t have hair…chances are you’ll smell real good! So whatever looks you will decide to, just carry it with confidence and be a man. If a certain girl doesn’t want to hookup with you just because you have or don’t have hair in the body, then she doesn’t deserve you. And there are more girls there willing to be with you.

Dating Tips – With or Without Hairs