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The Ten Things You Wouldn’t Want Your Adult Dating Partner Say to You Just when things seem to be going smoothly with your new adult dating partner, she says something that makes your alarm go off. Yes, I think we’ve all been through that. You brush it off and think of it as a one-time incident. A few weeks after and suddenly she says something else that makes your skin crawl. You rationalize her comments as you continue to see her. However, as time goes by, the insanity starts happening in a more regular basis, until you realize you are dealing with high level adult dating clinger. If only you listened to your Spider sense in the first place… Here is a list of things that should tell you to run away as soon as you hear them from your adult dating partner. 1. “Is it in yet?” You absolutely do not want to hear this, ESPECIALLY if it’s in already. 2. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…” Hearing her say this just after your second date is not going to work. Not even when you are two months in, right? If she’s dropping the L word here and there, don’t be surprised if she’s planning your wedding this early. 3. “So, your mom and I talked today.” There is nothing scarier than a woman who is starting to work her way into the family even before you have determined the relationship. 4. “Your ex called. We’re going for a girl’s night out.” When girls decide to go out like this, there is absolutely no good that will come out of it. Brace yourself. 5. “Let’s have a threesome, with your best friend.” I bet you’ve longed to hear the words “let’s have a threesome” to come out of her mouth for the past months, but the best friend set up is probably not what you’ve imagined. 6. “Fine.” This means she hates it, and, of course, it’s not fine. Nothing is ever really fine when a woman utters a gruff and cold “fine.” Be afraid.

7. “I created us a blog, so we can write about our relationship… together!” Nothing says psycho-insane like taking your relationship to the Internet and blogging about it. 8. “It’s our song! Taylor really gets us.” If she references Taylor Swift in connection to your relationship, run for the hills. The woman is definitely cuh-ray-zee, especially if she says this. 9. “You need to go on a diet, Tubs.” If your adult dating partner tells you to go on a diet and calls you some awful pet name, just… run away! 10. “Should we go for chicken or beef at the reception?” Wedding plans of any kind even before you pop the question ranks pretty high up in the scary psycho-girl Richter scale.

The Ten Things You Wouldn’t Want Your Adult Dating Partner Say to You