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Dear Doctor Sexalewitz: I am 24 and single. I’ve never been much of a party-goer until recently when I decided to join a group of friends from college who go clubbing every Friday night. We go to the same club every night, we’re not much for drinking but love dancing and meeting new guys. I am concerned though about one of my friends who for weeks now, goes on the club for sex and leaves every Friday with a different guy and doesn’t seem at all concerned by the many dangers that implies for her. What should I do? Dear Hannah: To meet single people and to experiment with them is a huge part of what being in your 20′s is all about. Kuddos for joining your peers in an activity which is not only healthy but crucial for your growing up process. The fact that you guys don’t drink much puts you at an advantage in comparison to the rest of those at the club you go to. Unfortunately, sobriety doesn’t guarantee good judgment and that’s what seems to be ailing your friend: a case of bad judgment. Let’s assume, for argument’s sake that she is protecting herself from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Do you know if that is the case? Even with those two bases covered, leaving the club with a different guy every night means exactly that she is putting her life in the hands of a stranger. And it is that serious, it’s her physical integrity that’s on the line since you really can’t tell, by somebody’s looks, what their intentions are. On another note, the biggest question here would be why she feels the urge to have sex with all these different men. That is probably a question best answered on a therapist’s couch. I suggest you respectfully express your concerns to her, since that is your duty as her good friend. If she decides to disregard your words then that’s her prerogative. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of having spoken your mind. Hopefully she’ll embrace your concern and be more careful.

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