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We finally have the lowdown on what ticks men off. We asked guys for adult dating tips on what not to do in trying to make a good impression.

Mind Games “This one bitchy move I hate is when you ask a girl where she wants to have dinner when you’re out adult dating and she answers, “I don’t care.” And then after finally deciding on a place to eat and settling on a table, she mentions she’s not hungry anymore, obviously, because she doesn’t like the food.” – Casey

Horrible Texter “I met this girl at a bar who I thought was pretty hot, so I gave her my number and told her to text me whenever. She then started sending me text messages on a regular basis, but the problem was she’d leave me hanging in the middle of the conversation and stop responding. And on top of that, she never apologizes or explains why she does that. Clearly, it drove me nuts up to the point where I had to delete her number and ignore her subsequent texts.” – Mike

Taking Things for Granted “I hate it when a girl totally ignores something you do nice for her. An ungrateful girl can utterly turn a dude off. No man would want his girl to expect things from him without showing any form of gratitude. A simple but sincere ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re the best’ can work fine for any guy!” – Phil

Acting Vague “I find it disturbing when I develop a connection with a girl at a party, and then when a week passes by, it’s like we never spoke to each other.” – Adam

Being a Hater “The bitchy move I hate is when she talks trash about someone behind their back. If you don’t have something nice to say, just save it and shut your trap.” – Justin

Having an Attitude “Without a shadow of doubt, guys hate girls with an attitude. And when you ask her what’s wrong, she responds with ‘nothing.’ How do you expect to clear up things if you don’t tell me?” – Lawrence

Anti-Social “I hate it when girls go to Facebook and announce bad things about their relationship through their status instead of personally talking about it with their guy. It’s nobody’s business especially not people on the Internet and it just makes it look like the girl wants attention.” – Jordan

An Adult Dating Guide on Bitchy Moves Men Hate