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Subway Screenings Mark World Health Day

Digital media stories and narrative image sequences will be shown on a network of subway screens in Toronto, part of new initiative to change public perception of mental health. The People's Chemist Former Pharmaceutical Chemist Exposes Secret Health Files

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Created by six participating artists to mark World Mental Health Day, the sequences will play every ten minutes on the Pattison Onestop network of out-of-home advertising faces and digital signage displays mounted throughout the Toronto Transit Commission subway system. The art and media project, called Beneath the Surface, explores the hidden, sublimated, or just out of reach world of mental health and shares personal perspective on emotional and mental well-being, addiction, community involvement and public perception. Pattison Onestop, Art for Commuters and Workman Arts co-present the project to mark World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, October 10. The screenings take place October 6 to October 14, 2012. “It‘s a privilege for the artists to have such a prominent venue to show their work. We salute Pattison Onestop for presenting this exhibition,” said Lisa Brown, Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Workman Arts. Beneath the Surface artists: Saraƒin is a Toronto area cartoonist, illustrator, and self-described mad pride activist; Catherine Jones is a Toronto-based photographer and collage artist committed to both traditional darkroom and digital techniques; Michael Morbach is a member of Workman Arts and Creative Works Studio; Annette Seip works in photography and digital art; STRanger (Sheri Ranger) is a self-taught, Toronto artist who works in paint, mixed media, printmaking, clay sculpture, video and most recently, textiles; and artist and musical performer Jace Tracz. Art for Commuters is a non-profit curatorial collective that initiates unique, thought-provoking projects in the public realm. As Pattison Onestop’s arts programming partner, they bring urban art festivals and exhibitions to over one million people daily on the network of TTC subway platform screens. Art for Commuters was founded in 2007 by Sharon Switzer.

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Subway Screenings Mark World Health Day