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Microsoft Surface Event Live Blog

11:38AM EDT – I think we’re wrapping up here, off to get hands on shortly

11:33AM EDT – Specs are up, preorders start 9/24 at 8 AM, launch on 10/22 11:32AM EDT – Surface Remix Project being shown off with those buttons being used for more than just QWERTY

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11:30AM EDT – We’re looking at how the touch cover sensors can be used for other things like instrument control with pressure sensitivity 11:27AM EDT – Looking at a video of Surface 2, coming 10/22 11:24AM EDT – Gestures on top with these new sensors, new experiences beyond just typing

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11:22AM EDT – Many more sensors, 1092 sensors in Touch Cover 2 11:22AM EDT – Touch cover is also backlit now, thinner, more rigid, turns itself off when not being used 11:21AM EDT – Going over everything in Surface 2 – price $449 11:20AM EDT – 200 GB of SkyDrive for 2 years with Surface 2 11:17AM EDT – That front facing video demo was pretty compelling, the lights went down very low in here but exposure looked great on the video preview 11:14AM EDT – Unique lens, able to filter light through the product (need more on this), very low light inside the room right now but the video looks great 11:13AM EDT – Looking at Skype now and how the adjustable angle on Surface 2 helps the front facing camera experience 11:11AM EDT – Surface 2 cameras – back camera is better by 5x (not sure what metric they’re referring to), front facing camera is improved 11:10AM EDT – Working and playing at the same time on Surface 2 with Spartan Assault next

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to Office apps as a crazy example

11:09AM EDT – 72 cores on the GPU right now, Tegra 4 in the Surface 2 11:08AM EDT – Looking at Surface 2 running all four Office apps at the same time

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11:06AM EDT – Office comes with Surface 2, full Office Suite 11:05AM EDT – 100k apps in the Windows Store right now 11:05AM EDT – Talking about Surface 2 running RT 8.1 and multi user scenarios at home 11:02AM EDT – 25 percent battery life improvement on Surface 2 11:02AM EDT – Also has the 2-stop kickstand for use on the lap, 2 pieces of magnesium, same process as in the past, less display reflectivity 11:01AM EDT – Moved from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 on Surface 2 11:01AM EDT – Screen on Surface 2 is full 1080p clear type display, 3-4 times faster 11:00AM EDT – Added a surface logo to the back, color now shows off the alloy used as well

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10:59AM EDT – Doubled bus speed for Wifi, memory, increased CPU speed

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10:59AM EDT – “Lighter, Faster, Full HD”

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10:58AM EDT – Watching a summary video now for Surface 10:57AM EDT – Vision with Surface was to move beyond consumption and enable creation on a tablet without having to move all the way up

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10:56AM EDT – Moving on to Surface 2 now 10:55AM EDT – That wraps up Surface Pro 2 – better display, better speakers, Haswell, and improved accessories

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10:54AM EDT – Keyboard is backlit as well, and dims in 9 seconds 10:54AM EDT – Very quiet keyboard, feel but not hear the keypress

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10:53AM EDT – Better key switch, full 1 mm removed from travel, Type Cover 2 is now almost as thin as the original touch cover

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10:52AM EDT – Type Cover 2 with colors 10:50AM EDT – Optically bonded display with the least amount of reflectivity in the industry

10:49AM EDT – Raw 6K image data, 9x the resolution of Full HD going to Surface Pro 2

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10:48AM EDT – Now that RED camera on stage makes sense 10:46AM EDT – USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, miniDP, ethernet, audio, and power in the docking station

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10:46AM EDT – Surface docking station 10:45AM EDT – Surface Pro 2 now has all day battery life with the Power Cover keyboard and battery

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10:44AM EDT – 30 Whr battery added to the device 10:44AM EDT – 2.5 times battery life from the original device with Power Cover 10:43AM EDT – More battery life – 75 percent improvement in battery life 10:43AM EDT – Surface Pro 2 operates cooler, quieter 10:42AM EDT – Surface Pro 2 now has Haswell inside 10:42AM EDT – Looks like Surface Pro 2 has two kickstand positions now

10:41AM EDT – Able to use it on the knees at a great angle now, evolution of the kickstand 10:41AM EDT – Surface Pro 2 has a tweaked kickstand, more than just 22 degree tilt now, needs to work better in the lap 10:39AM EDT – Improved performance by 20 percent

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10:38AM EDT – Increased graphics performance on Surface Pro 2 by 50 percent 10:38AM EDT – Surface Pro 2 is faster than 95 percent of all laptops in market today, it’s a full PC 10:38AM EDT – “People love Surface Pro because it’s fast” 10:38AM EDT – Dolby Pro 2, better sound with boost, subtle changes 10:37AM EDT – Color accuracy is much better on Surface Pro 2 10:37AM EDT – ClearType HD display, wanted to make it as productive as possible, true to color true to life images, 46 percent more color accuracy

10:36AM EDT – ‘Surface Pro 2 has been the best selling device in its class’

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10:35AM EDT – Starting with Surface Pro 2 10:35AM EDT – Next generation of devices, two of them, the most powerful professional use tablet will be introduced today in Surface Pro 2, and the most productive tablet with Surface 2, 7 accessories

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10:34AM EDT – Working on second gen products for 18-24 months 10:34AM EDT – Just saw Surface Pro 2 flash briefly on the screen 10:33AM EDT – Here we go, getting started 10:29AM EDT – Unfortunately the event venue is below street level so LTE is shaky at best, no ATT LTE, barely any Verizon LTE, hoping this holds up, if I go text only, you’ll know why 10:26AM EDT – Hopefully this time around Tegra on RT does use the shadow core, that’d be my biggest desire from a hardware standpoint 10:24AM EDT – The event gets underway at 10:30 AM so we’ve got a bit of time still, which I guess we can pass with some speculation. I’d guess Tegra 4, plus possibly a S800 variant for the RT successor, and it’s just a matter of which Haswell ends up inside the Pro successor at this point. 10:20AM EDT – There are some Surfaces on the podium, are any of these a Surface 2? Hard to tell from here

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10:18AM EDT – WiFi is holding up, thankfully Microsoft is running some 5 GHz channels, but already down to the lowest MCS rate, Verizon LTE is holding up though, so hopefully photos will come through ok 10:17AM EDT – It’s just me today on photos and text, it’s going to be a busy week here in NYC Microsoft Surface Event Live Blog

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Microsoft Surface Event Live Blog  
Microsoft Surface Event Live Blog