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iPhone Apps: eBay for iPad, Articles, Racing Legends

eBay for iPad 2.1.0 (free) – eBay for iPad allows users to sell, search, or buy eBay listed products while on the go, and to keep track of what’s popular with eBay’s daily deals. The latest 2.1.0 version makes it easier to add and remove search refinements, offers an improved seller’s view, and now has saved-searches show newly-listed items. [Download - 27.3MB] The Pad Professor Ipad Video Lessons The Pad Professor Ipad Video Lessons Watch The Online Video Workshops Now

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Articles 2.3 ($2) – A new 2.3 version of Articles, the popular Wikipedia reader for iOS devices, is now available for download. With this update Articles is now a universal app, and includes improvements to its search functionality and Twitter support. Additionally, the Read Later feature can now be used on the iPad. [Download - 14.6MB] Racing Legends 1.0 ($3) – Racing Legends is a new 3D, Formula One racing-game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The game offers both a Career mode and Quick run, as well as eight different tracks to race, four unique car teams to choose from, and fully adjustable Accelerometers and standard controls. [Download - 77.9MB] Bank of America 4.0.392 (free) – Bank of America has launched a new version of its self-titled mobile banking app for iPhone and iPad. The new 4.0.392 release enables users to receive Bank of America alerts as push notifications, to make check deposits, and to securely send money to others using their mobile number or e-mail address. [Download - 4.3MB] Cafeteria Nipponica 1.0 ($4) – Practise your culinary and restaurant management skills with the latest game by Kairosoft, Cafeteria Nipponica. The game enables players to run and customize their own style of restaurant, as well as discover new food recipes and hold special events such as eating contests and cooking classes. [Download - 11MB]

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iPhone Apps: eBay for iPad, Articles, Racing Legends