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Groupon, Zynga, Facebook fall to new lows

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August 1, 2012 5:56PM


Updated: August 2, 2012 2:23AM

Once high-flying social-media companies, including Chicago’s daily deals darling Groupon, got battered by wary investors Wednesday, with Groupon, Facebook and Zynga hitting new stock-price lows.


Groupon’s stock fell 2.7 percent to $6.48, or 67.6 percent below its initial public offering debut at $20 a share nine months ago. Facebook’s stock dropped 3.8 percent, to $20.88 a share, off 45 percent from its IPO price of $38 a share two months ago. Zynga, the social-gaming company, dropped 4.75 percent, to $2.81 a share — down 75 percent from its IPO price of $11 eight months ago. Sandra Guy

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Groupon, Zynga, Facebook fall to new lows