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Search engine giant Google has started lagging behind Amazon when it comes to product searches. While earlier, 25 percent of product searches took place on search engines such as Google Shopping, now a third of such searches take place on Amazon. As such product searches or the advertising revenue from merchants is lucrative Google is tweaking its Shopping platform to better compete against Amazon. Google Shopping used to throw up results for all products available online, but the company has recently decided that this platform will only display paid advertisers. Google Search will still throw up all products available online. Sameer Samat, the vice president for product management at Google Shopping, has justified this move by saying, “Incentives are aligned to make sure the data we’re receiving is of a higher quality.” He added, “With better data, we can build a better experience for users.” The idea behind the move is that retailers who pay for listings are more likely to keep the product list, prices, and shipping information up-to-date, than those that do not pay for listing. However, not all retailers are happy about this move. Some retailers feel that they will be unable to list all the products they carry. Are You Getting Slapped If You Are Like Tens..

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“If you’re a retailer and you don’t have the budgets of an Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart, it’s going to be really challenging,” said Gerry Bavaro, the senior vice president for performance media at Digitas. Samat said that Google is trying to help small retailer with various payment options such as paying per click, or paying when a sale is concluded. Consumers too will now be unable to see all the offers available. For instance, Amazon has decided not to pay for a Google Shopping listing. This means that those using this mode of search will be unable to locate Kindles for sale from Amazon, but be offered the same product


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Google Changes Shopping Format to Compete against Amazon  
Google Changes Shopping Format to Compete against Amazon